Man of The Moment: Drake

October 6, 2013

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He’s the man of the hour or perhaps the week, month and even year? Drizzy Drake is holding it down for us at the top of the charts following the release of Nothing Was The Same and there isn’t a single person not buzzing about it.

Since the release of his heavily anticipated album nothing really has been the same. Take a look at your neighbor’s iPhone and you’ll notice the bright blue clouds of Drake’s cover art. How about your girlfriends twitter? You can scroll through Drizzy lyrics for days. Needless to say, we haven’t seen this much impact since Take Care was released.

After his sultry entrance into the industry we can hold Drake responsible for a couple things. First of which, he’s founded Canada’s very own Hollywood scene. His beloved hometown of Toronto has been called out more times through lyrics than Taylor Swift’s ex boyfriends. From delivering the OVO Fest to his city to titling his raps after the hometown, you’d be a fool to miss his pride. One of the ultimate keys to artistry and success comes through remembering where you’re from. We applaud you, Drake.

Second, Drake is guilty for our late night contemplations about whether to text your ex flame or not. It’s okay Drizzy we’re not mad at you! There’s just so much depth in those lyrics, you can’t help but want to cry as he hums the words “you’re still the one that I adore…” Have a listen to a personal favorite “Own It” and cry it out a little.

If you’ve lived in blissful (and unlikely) ignorance the past 4-5 years and are just now being exposed to The Drizzy Drake, let us fill you in. Since his signing to Young Money Entertainment back in 2008, he’s been turning countless heads. He spent his childhood shuttling between the rich parts of Toronto as a child actor and the poor parts of Memphis as the son of an alcoholic. Today, he flirts back and forth with heavy rap and emotional R&B and not least of all, amidst the heavy Christian traditions of rap, his self-assured presentation of his Jewish heritage earns our respects. That’s the gist of it.

Mixtapes, two albums, and multiple radio friendly tracks cemented him into the rap universe. So much so that he even acknowledges he’s earned his stripes while stating people still try to “lil-bro” him within the industry. Well, his third album Nothing Was The Same, through hype, sales (number 1 on Billboard 200), and sheer willpower has catapulted him so far ahead of his competitors that he’s merely a shining star we can appreciate from a distance; untouchable.

So while you have the album set on “repeat” on your iPods, are you waiting for his next moves? Well it’s not coming through those headphones. You’ll be getting your next dose of Drake through the big screen! It’s back to basics for the former Degrassi star and he’s announced his return to acting. No details yet but once you’ve conquered and mastered one world, it’s time to take on another, right? Although a return to his former set of Degrassi is an unlikely bet, we won’t rule out a TV series. After all, what’s better than a weekly offering of Drake!? Exactly.

They say success is the best revenge. If this is the case, we feel for the ones that crossed Drake in his passing years. A hometown hero and a national symbol of pride; he’s taking it all with the utmost grace. The greatest appreciation goes out to Drake with a bold statement for your records, Nothing Was The same, a record so momentous, it just might change an entire genre.

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-Sara Soulati



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