Lupe Fiasco And Ed Sheeran Release Old School Love

October 19, 2013

old school love

It  goes without saying that the uncanny pairing of Ed Sheeran and Lupe Fiasco has proven to be one of the greatest collaborations of 2013 thus far.

Lupe Fiasco took to Twitter on October 9th and announced that he and Atlantic Records labelmate Ed Sheeran would be collaborating on the first single of Fiasco’s new album “Tetsuo And Youth”, which is expected to be released in 2014. “Old School Love” is the love child of Fiasco and Sheeran and if song lyrics could make babies, Lupe and Ed would be proud parents.

What makes the collaboration so unique are the lyrical geniuses that are Sheeran and Fiasco, respectively. Ed Sheeran’s lyrics have such deep meaning with his Sheerios that they have dubbed him “Ginger-headed Jesus”, and rightfully so. Lupe Fiasco is known for his messages in his songs as well. He is not your typical turnt up, drug dealing rap artist. His lyrics send positive messages and “Old School Love” is no different. Now pair both Ed’s smooth and relaxing voice and Fiasco’s lyrics to the beat in “Old School Love” and we have the first hit from “Tetsuo And Youth.”

It’s the throwback feel that “Old School Love” gives listeners that makes them pay attention to this song. When you bring two lyric geniuses from two very different genres of music together, it’s magic in the studio.¬†Sheeran has written songs for the likes of One Direction and Taylor Swift, so it has definitely been proven that any collaboration with Ed is success.

“Old School Love” was released on iTunes earlier this week on October 14th, and if you haven’t gotten it yet, stop wasting time! The hit single will be posted below for your enjoyment, but who will be on Ed Sheeran’s collaborating list next? Who would you like to see Ed lend his voice to? Tweet us your suggestions at @weknowthedj on Twitter!

-Blake M


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