Lady Gaga Releases New Single & Shows Some Skin!

October 23, 2013

Lady Gaga brings you back to the 80s with her recent release of “Do What U Want” off her forthcoming album Artpop (to be released Nov 11). With an R. Kelly feature, the track is built on a gummy synth line and pristine drunk machine snaps making the arrangement a more muscular take of Drake’s “Hold On, We’re Going Home”. Gaga throws her sexiest delivery into the song while her duet partner chimes in to take her up on the offer to “do what [he] wants” with her.

R. Kelly croons about taking shots, flying on private jets, all the finer things. Of course, this all takes place at the back of the club-where most of R. Kelly’s verses rest.

The pair bring together their natural styles for a refreshing mashup of Pop and R&B. Gaga’s strong vocals sync with R. Kelly’s smooth R&B pipes and leave you wondering why they hadn’t hooked up sooner. All in all, a flawless piece of feel-good music for your listening pleasures.

However as great as the track is, it might not be as bodacious as the booty right on the cover! What we’re guessing to be Gaga’s behind in nothing but a thong, is plastered as the single album cover.

gaga do what u want


Recently describing her new album, Gaga said: “For Artpop, I, in the most metaphorical explanation, stood in front of a mirror and I took off the wig and I took off the makeup and I unzipped the outfit and I put a black cap on my head and I covered my body in a black catsuit and I looked in the mirror and I said: ‘OK, now you need to show them you can be brilliant without that.’ And that’s what Artop is all about. Because I knew that if I wanted to grow, if I really wanted to innovate from the inside, I had to do something that was almost impossible for me.”


We’re not sure if this means she’s putting an end to her extravagant costumes, but she’s stripped down(literally) and is showing us what’s behind the studs, the makeup and masks!
“Do What U Want” precedes the third single off¬†Artpop “Venus” which will be previewed on October 25th before its release.¬†Separately, R. Kelly has announced his 12th studio album Black Panties will be released December 10.

Have a listen to Gaga’s latest “Do What U Want” and let us know what you think by tweeting us at @weknowthedj! We’ve got it on repeat!

-Sara Soulati





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