Justin Is On The Road To Recovery This #MusicMonday

October 28, 2013


Recovery is the 4th out of 10 singles from Justin’s #MusicMondays Journal series, which will culminate in the release of his second movie Believe on Christmas Day.

The first three songs “Heartbreaker”, “All That Matters” and “Hold Tight” have been on heavy rotation on music players the world over. Full of sensuality and seduction, Justin’s vocals suit the classy tone of 90’s R&B but he takes it a step further and re-masters the sound for the modern era.  Consequently, the singer/songwriter is taking the charts by storm.

With the release of “Recovery” Justin is providing further proof that he’s casually releasing a staggeringly good R&B album over these ten weeks. Teasing us slowly by making us wait week upon week before sending us into a frenzy every Monday at midnight with the new music and every Friday with the teasers for the Believe movie. He has the world watching and listening. While many of his peers are busy pulling from the same collective creative pool, Justin is making his mark on the industry via stealth, individuality and good old-fashioned honesty.

As with the three #MusicMonday predecessors, this track is outstanding in its entirety. An absolute indulgence, devastatingly opulent in it’s delivery, with vocal acrobatics that are nothing short of breath-taking. But, of course, the lyrics are an equally vital aspect, they’re the continuation of the story and they hold their own against the brilliance of the track simply by telling the truth:

“Learning life through trial and error just tryna make it right”

The world is well-aware of the troubled year the superstar has endured. Not least because an unfortunate amount of media outlets are incapable of researching the facts, preferring instead to run with wild claims, verging on the libelous. But there are moments that Justin feels he must address, and indeed, that he can learn from. As the 19-year-old tweeted on October 26th:

“mistakes are key…” “learn from them”

The singer’s velvet vocals dance over the lyrics: “First I’ll acknowledge our trust has been broken, a successful recovery I pray for us at night. Blessed me with a second chance, never thought I’d see your face again”.  The track samples R&B legend Craig David’s “Fill Me In” and the playful bass line of the track is a pleasing contrast to the desperation of a heart-broken young man who would have given everything to make it right.

The track is another example of a rare candid moment from the Canadian, who prefers to keep his personal life extremely private. In essence though, this is simply a great song that naturally resonates with the fans who know the history of the artist and to some degree, what he’s been through. But, as we’re all individuals, the enjoyment a fan receives from the song may differ to that of a newcomer.  This, then, is where the sheer power of the lyrics, vocal perfection and artful production really matter. Authenticity can be rare in the industry, but this song has it in spades.

The radio can sometimes feel like all-too-familiar-voices singing all-too-familiar songs, leaving us with the feeling we’ve been coasting through the year waiting for that ‘memorable’ moment to strike. Well, it did with Heartbreaker”, “All That Matters” and “Hold Tight” and now, for a fourth time, “Recovery”  will continue to impact the world’s charts.  The reason? It’s very simple; the music is speaking for itself.

Music trends come and go, but passion is something we can never get enough of. When a musician really believes in the art he is creating, we’re more inclined to appreciate it.  It’s impossible to define what is mainstream as one person’s Lissie is another’s Liberace. A better way to describe the independent brilliance of “Recovery”  is to say it’s simply not ‘beige’ (in other words, it’s distinctive enough for people to really take notice).  We have unlimited choice when it comes to the music we buy and listen to, but there’s something refreshingly unique about knowing the story behind the music, the more real it is, the better.  The description of “Recovery”, posted on www.justinbiebermusic.com says it all:

“Recovery is an acknowledgment that in life you can’t just fall down and not get over things. You have to step up and recover. At the time, I was going through a very hard break up and when you’re going through stuff like that you think that the world is just gonna end. Then you wake up the next day and realize that life has to go on. Recovery is that feeling you get when you start to move on and make things better for yourself, because yesterday is gone and tomorrow is here. -JB”

The Music Journals tracks have been built from the ground up through a completely organic process which has seen Justin communicating his troubles through the music. The result of a year of heartache, pain, persecution and the crushing weight of being dubbed the ‘Wild Child’ of music by the media.  In the process – and perhaps unsurprisingly – Justin has created incredibly honest music.

Many fans see Justin as their Prince or a knight in shining armor, but by using this method of communication and being able to put his side of the story across, Justin has essentially become his own savior, capable of rescuing himself through the power of his music.  Like a lighthouse to the singer’s fog of misery, the positive reaction of his fans, his peers and the ensuing chart success have perhaps gone a long way to ease the pain.  To the people who have been paying attention to the superstar’s career, there is no doubt that Justin has a tremendous amount of love for his fans and thrives on their support.  He also appreciates that having a strong support infrastructure in his team environment is vital, as the pop prince tweeted on 25th October:

“If u have a team that loves u u will always be ok. #advice

The journals are not a one-size-fits-all collection of gimmick-ridden money makers, they’re the musings of a real person with real feelings, who just happens to be world-famous. It’s HIS story and I, for one, am excited to hear the next chapter but for now, “Recovery”  is my jam.

Go purchase “Recovery” on iTunes now, then let us know what you think by tweeting us @weknowthedj.



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