JT Gets Knocked-Out &; Dragged Over a Cliff: WATCH HERE

October 30, 2013

Directed by the man himself, Justin Timberlake invites us to the darkest corner of his imagination in his latest music video for “TKO”.

tko mv

The second single off The 20/20 Experience (2/2) has been looping on the charts and radio waves since its release. It feels as though making hits has been adopted as a sixth sense to the former *NSYNC member. When we first heard “TKO” we didn’t realize it translated to the literal sense of being “Totally Knocked Out”… alas the video is here to shed some light!

The 7 minute mini-movie begins with a shot of JT standing in a living room staring at his female co-star,┬áRiley Keough, Elvis’ granddaughter. The video then goes back and forth between a scene of him being dragged through a desert by a truck with Keough behind the wheel.

Seeming nonplussed about her actions, we continue to stare at JT’s girlfriend who sports a bored look on her face in each shot-That is until things get hot and heavy. The next scene is in a kitchen where the defenceless Justin is being pushed around and yelled at by his clearly over-it Girlfriend. The yelling continues until JT’s had enough and reciprocates by shoving her against the kitchen island to share a steamy intimate moment. (This part is not G-Rated… cover your eyes!)


Unfortunately, the fun session in the kitchen wasn’t up to par with the girlfriend because her next move is to go for a frying pan and knock him out, which is how she’ll get him attached by the ankle to the truck(we assume). Back to the scene in the desert, without hesitation, Riley Keough gives the gas pedal a final push as they reach a cliff, and jumps out, leaving poor JT to go crumbling down!

This video definately channels Timberlake’s “Cry Me A River” era with all the drama. Except this time, it’s not JT that doing the harm.

This track is off JT’s second album that has topped the Billboard 200 this year. Make sure to download it today!

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-Sara Soulati



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