Jay Vado Covers Drake’s “Hold On, We’re Going Home”

October 29, 2013

Drake’s “Hold On, We’re Going Home” has flown to the top of the charts and getting insane radio play since its release, especially now that he’s embarked on his WYLAT tour in North America.


Inevitable with a hit like this, we get floods of artists making their own rendition of the song. Some are mediocre, some are alright and a few stand out. One of Canada’s own, Jay Vado, who released his version of the track this Monday.

“I got my eyes on you/you’re everything that I see/I want your love,soul/and your passion/until infinity” making the first bit of the track his own and even adding in a friendly stab at Drake saying “don’t f**k with Drizzy girl/come with me.” And with that voice, we might just consider trading in our beloved Drizzy Drake for Jay!

The track continues at a slower tempo than the original with periodic drum rolls in the background, making for a laid-back vibe that compliments Vado’s occasional high notes and constant smooth vocals. In short, we’re in love. And it’s on repeat.

Like what you heard? Great, because he’s got more in store for you! This remix/cover is part of a 12-round mixtape Vado has coming your way. With production by Lynx (XX Temple Music), the mixtape will include 12 rounds challenging 12 artists with remixes of their songs.

jay vado mixtape rounds

With that, Round One: Drake vs. Jay Vado. Tweet us at @weknowthedj and let us know who you think wins this round!

Stay up to date with Jay by following him on twitter @JayVado and watch out for the rest of his mixtape onĀ www.youtube.com/jayvadoshow and www.jayvado.com

-Sara Soulati



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