Introducing The Up and Coming: Midnight Red!

October 29, 2013

Although the glorious days of Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC are far behind us, a new generation is sweeping in to fill our boy-band void. They’re young, they’re fresh and about to take the lead role in the pop music world. They are Midnight Red!


Formerly known as FLYTE, the group includes Colton Rudloff(24), Anthony Ladao(20), Thomas Augusto(21), Joey Diggs Jr.(24) and Eric Secharia(21). The band had their start back in 2009 but were in the works of coming together long before that. It all started with Eric and Anthony, who were connected through their vocal coach. They reached out to the three other now-bandmates with the idea of getting a group together. By 2009, they had been signed to Interscope and officially transformed into Midnight Red. 

Why “Midnight Red” you ask? In their video “Body Talk”, Thomas told us “midnight is that time that everyone wants to sneak out and party, and red is a very dominant, ‘in your face’ color and it represents what Midnight Red wants to do with its music.” Red is also in their name in honor of the producer RedOne who took an interest in the boys early on in their career. He has worked with the likes of J-Lo, Lady Gaga, Pitbull and Akon!

2011 brought amazing opportunities and exposure to this 5-piece band. Upon releasing their self-titled EP through Interscope in the spring, they jetted off as the opening act for the NKOTBSB tour, where they received raving reviews and positive recognition for their talents. Still high on the tour adrenaline, the boys left only to go straight to Paris to record material for their debut album.


The Midnight Red movement continued as they began performing events around the country, including Larry King’s “Guard A Heart” Pre Grammy show, opening for Carly Rae Jepsen at Universal City Walk and Young Hollywood-Uneeqability.

These acts were followed-up with their single “Hell Yeah”. If you haven’t already heard it, we’re suggesting you do ASAP! It’s catchy and has a beat that’ll have you dancing uncontrollably in your seat.

The equally captivating “Take Me Home” was the bands next single. Produced by RedOne and released under Capitol Records, the track hit iTunes July 16th of 2013. Along with a music video on Vevo, the track is available for download here:

A few of the team members were able to see Midnight Red perform live at their show, opening for The Wanted this weekend in New York City. If first impressions are key, they nailed it! While some of the team were familiar with the band, others were pleasantly-surprised first time listeners! We couldn’t stop dancing along to their music throughout the entire set.

With their fluid voices that come together harmoniously, these boys have an astounding stage presence. Whether it’s their personal friendships that aid them or their perfectly synced dance moves, they’ve got it on lock! It’s clear Midnight Red posseses one of the only things the boy bands of this generation lack: DANCING! Accompanying their Pop/Electronic sound, they have step-by-step choreographed moves for each of their songs. This is only one of many reasons why they are soon to be the leaders of our generations boy band craze!

We want our readers to be as obsessed with Midnight Red as we are! Go check out their music videos above, download their single “Take Me Home” and be sure to follow them on twitter @itsMidnightRed to stay updated!

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-Sara Soulati


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