Get To Know IM5: The Exclusive Interview!

October 2, 2013

im5 feature

When three of the most renowned names in show business come together looking for talent, we expect nothing less than success as a result. This is precisely what Simon Fuller, Perez Hilton and Jamie King set out to do before hitting the jackpot we now know as IM5.

Cole, Dalton, Dana, Will and Gabe make up the 5 young members of the band IM5. We ultimately learned this might be the only commonality they have…when WeKnowTheDj got the opportunity to interview the up-and-coming stars, we were told right off the bat they are all opposite of each other!

What sets you apart from other bands? 

We’re totally different. Racially, our styles and personalities. We also incorporate a lot of dancing which not many other boy bands do. 

They vary in the types of music they play and listen to. With 5 very different styles in music, their output has the potential to include the most originality of their generation. They sing, they dance, they play instruments and we were told they can even write their own music; all perfect combinations for inevitable success…so we decided to learn a little about them!

Do you guys get along? Being so different from one another and all.

Yes! It was intimidating at first and we were surprised at how well it worked out. 

Does being so different but still being friends help with your music? 

Totally! Helps us vibe and we can give each other criticism without feeling too bad about it. 

Their genre is mostly focused on pop but they incorporate a lot of different R&B influences, Rock and even heavy metal. As for artists they are influenced by in the industry, you can expect to see a lot of Chris Brown’s work rub off on them, as well as industry legends such as Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake and The Beatles. This keen interest in the industry will ultimately give them an upper hand in the future.


After having a conversation with these boys, you’ll notice they exude passion you can’t help but feel. They’re so aware of where they are and where they need to be that their age will come to you as a shock. The 5 members range from the ages of 15 to 18. Dana Vaughns being the youngest (however incredibly well spoken) and Gabe Morales, the oldest.

So they’re deceivingly passionate for their age but there’s more to it if you’re trying to succeed in this industry. Modesty… And they’ve got it! They’re a humble bunch that realize their blessings to date…

When the process started, did you imagine you’d be where you are today?

We were skeptical at first. We didn’t realize how far we had really come truly until the Radio Disney awards. 

Are you at that stage where you have fan experiences?

Yes! Some fans came up and recognized us at Costco! 

Also, while we were in Arizona, some fans camped out right outside of our hotel room and kept knocking and peaking through the door all night!

What’s changed the most in your lives?

Our schedules are tighter. And we just don’t have a lot of time with our family and friends. 

Less time with family and friends weighs a little harder on some of the boys than others. 4/5 of the members are from outside California so they either moved out here with their parents or they’re with relatives. Either way, being far away from home at such a young age can be tough.

Is it hard being away from home? For the 4 of you that are. 

Yes it is, but this is so worth it. So we’re just grateful for it. 

With fast-changing lifestyles, on-the-go schedules, we just had to ask what we should expect in the future!

So what’s new? What’s happening in terms of your music?

We actually just got finished signing papers to be signed to Universal earlier!

After giving them all congrats for this milestone achievement, I began to pick their brains for more music-related information! As newly signed artists, they’re anxious to get into the studio and begin recording (as we would imagine). We’ve been told a single or an EP should be expected from them in early 2014! Until then, they’re having some fun with music. Their latest project includes a cover of Maejor Ali’s new song “Lolly” featuring Justin Bieber and Juicy J. There’s a twist! They’re recording a mashup but I’ve been told it’s being kept on the down-low, so you’ll have to stay tuned and wait for the cover to be released.

So you guys like recording covers?

Yes they’re so fun! 

Do you ever have trouble choosing what to cover because of all your different tastes?

All the time. We usually talk about it and run ideas but we’re really good at compromising. 

With the interview coming to a close as the boys had to attend to their thousands of fans waiting on a Livestream video session, I had one last question for them.

Where will you be 5 years from today?


They pondered for a few seconds and told me their hopes of being fully established in the industry. This answer fuelled some other comments, one of which being a “3D concert.” So 5 years from today, expect a 3D concert tour from the boys of IM5. To top it all off, they offered me exclusive access backstage for this big day of theirs! I’ll take them up on the offer when the time comes!

So IM5 has earned the WeKnowTheDJ badge of approval! We see these boys succeeding beyond expectations. With their musical talents and incredibly mature state of minds, it’s inevitable.

Keep up with IM5 through their twitter @IM5band and and tweet us at @weknowthedj to let us know what you think of these 5 stars!

-Sara Soulati




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