Wrecking Ball Music Video! Will Miley #WreckTheRecord?

September 10, 2013

Miley WRecking ball

After continuous teasing via Twitter and Facebook, Miley Cyrus has finally released the music video for Wrecking Ball! This is the second single off her forthcoming album “Bangerz”, due for release in October. While the video for We Can’t Stop left the internet-world buzzing, we can only anticipate Wrecking Ball will surpass.

The video begins with a close-up frame of Miley’s face against a blinding white background. As she is on the verge of tears, she starts singing with a subtle hint of anger, masking the sadness. Next, we are taken to a shot of Miley in a barely-there, white crop-top and bottom ensemble within 3 stone walls, holding a giant sledgehammer.

But at last, the most memorable scene of the video comes within the first 75 seconds as we’re shown a completely nude Miley, riding a wrecking ball between the walls. Her and the wrecking ball become one as they begin demolishing the walls around her.

The video continues to mirror the natural levels of the song, from sadness to anger and back to sadness. Towards the end, as nearly all the walls have crumbled, Miley falls beneath them. We find her lying amidst the destruction, taking it all in. Nearing the end, not only does the song grow stronger, emotions do as well.

At first glance you may dub this another provocative antic from Miley, but a closer look will show you the artistry of the video. The message of the song is so tightly knit with the video; you’ll be left feeling empty by the end, perhaps even a hint of sadness.

When posting the link to the video on Monday (Sept 9) Miley included the hashtag #WreckTheRecord, a reference to her goal to earn the most VEVO views in 24-hours. The We Can’t Stop video previously earned the record beating out Justin Bieber’s Beauty and a Beat but was then topped by One Directions Best Song Ever, which earned 10.9M views. A VEVO count of 11M will crown Miley with the title this time around!

As an incentive to help Miley reach this goal, she has promised fans a release of the official track list for “Bangerz” upon beating the one-day VEVO record. It seems like a win-win to us!

Hop on iTunes to pre-order the album and catch Miley performing and hosting on “Saturday Night Live” on October 5th, three days before the release of “Bangerz.” Let us know how you feel about this video by tweeting @weknowthedj!

-Sara Soulati


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