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September 22, 2013


As a sophomore in college, I spend most of my Friday nights at frat parties, but tonight, I got to experience something way better than hundreds of people crammed into a dark basement; I had the pleasure of interviewing up-and-coming boy band, The Boyband Project. Mathias Anderle, Nick Dean, Levi Mitchell, Brandon Pulidio and Zac Mann very generously took time out of their busy day to sit down with me and discuss their lifestyle, upcoming plans and their back-story. Of course, this sit-down wouldn’t have been possible without the help of Skype, allowing me to video chat with the five guys who were in a recording studio in California while I was stuck in a small town in New York.

As an up-and-coming group, we’re expecting that some of our readers aren’t aware of the madness that surrounds The Boyband Project. With good looks, musical talent and an inevitable charm, it’s no surprise that girls everywhere are falling for the group! So how did these five guys, ranging from ages sixteen to twenty, come together to form the next big thing? Nick and Mathias were in a group together prior to The Boyband Project, where their manager then found Levi, Zac, and Brandon online. The boys were then grouped together in February, learning as an acapella group, and have been together since, getting stronger by the day. The guys have noted Boyz II Men, the Backstreet Boys, N’Sync, and New Edition as inspirations and they’ve definitely channeled these inspirations while bringing 90’s R&B back to the mainstream music scene.

While doing some pre-interview research, I decided to investigate on Twitter and get a feel for the five guys I’d be spending part of my evening with. While scrolling down the band’s twitter account and all of the guys’ personal accounts, I came across endless Boyband Project fan accounts, run by extremely dedicated “Projectors”. The boys all had huge smiles on their faces when I mentioned the mayhem caused by their Projectors; they’re loving every second of it! When asked about their fans and the love they feel, Mathias responded with, “For the amount of time we’ve been around, it’s really cool to have fans that are dedicated.” Dedication is the first thing that comes to mind when I think of the boy’s fandom; they spend hours following their every move over Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

They called a few fan situations overwhelming, especially at random places like CityWalk and a fan that even jumped on stage! “Our last show, we had a show at The Roxy, we had a girl run up on stage just to give Zac a hug. They had already met us so it was crazy that they’d risk the rest of the show just to run up on stage.” Nick also told me a story about the ending of the second show at The Roxy, “We were leaving the show and there were two fire trucks and an ambulance and apparently girls had like passed out. That was probably the craziest.” I then told the boys that I could never imagine someone passing out because of my presence and they all laughed and said, “we couldn’t either!”

The guys like to include their fans in most of their projects, most recent being their latest music video. A few weeks ago, the boys dropped the music video for “Find That Girl,” an extremely catchy song that’s been stuck in my head for the past week! The Boyband Project invited some of their LA-based fans to be extras in the video; all they had to do was bring a dress and a masquerade mask! The band said, “We got to meet so many people who have been supporting us so far, that was really cool. There were some fans though that thought they were too cool to be in the music video but once you find them on Twitter afterwards, it was totally the opposite!” Just a suggestion to all of our readers, if you’re given the opportunity to spend some time with BBP, don’t pass it up, the guys are super sweet and will automatically treat you like a long-time friend!

When asked the inspiration behind the “Find That Girl” music video, the boys all joked around saying, “We all really wanted an excuse to wear suits and ties; we hadn’t worn them yet, we hadn’t been to events but we really wanted to wear them so we were just like ‘let’s put them in the music video!’” The video, posted below, required a full day of filming and even features a face you might recognize: Kylie Jenner! When I asked the boys how Kylie got involved they said, “We’re all friends with Kylie so she wanted to support the project, so her and her friends showed up to help fill the lead roles.”

What’s next? The boys are currently in the creative process of album creation and expect to have their first album or EP out within the next six or seven months, then hopefully going on tour! They’ve already been working with songwriters The Messengers and Nazari, who have worked with stars like Justin Bieber, Chris Brown and Cody Simpson. Brandon, Levi, Mathias, Zac and Nick also told me that they’ve been writing their own songs and playing instruments so that’s definitely something to look forward to! I’ve seen the boys’ talents firsthand and honestly, I won’t be surprised when they’re the ones ruling the music scene!

While I only got to spend a short time with the boys, it didn’t take long for me to figure out that they have an undeniable charisma. Our Skype called ended, but not before I got to experience something that Projectors all over the world dream about! I was lucky enough to be serenaded by The Boyband Project and I can finally cross that off my bucket list! The song further proved to me that the boys are extremely talented and they’re definitely going far in the music industry! Fangirls, now is an appropriate time to visit YouTube and watch every BBP video ever released! You can thank me later! Mathias, Levi, Brandon, Zac, and Nick, thank you for spending part of your Friday night with me! Send us a tweet at @weknowthedj and let us know your thoughts on The Boyband Project!

Meg C. (@megchamp07)

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