Transformation Tuesday: Miley Cyrus!

September 3, 2013

It’s 2013 and the general public has more access to the private and intimate lives of celebrities than ever had before. Whether it is voluntary access through their twitters/instagrams, or the involuntary paparazzi shots of every step they take; we know what they are doing at all times. This is a dream-age for the fandoms of these Hollywood stars but it’s also a curse for  these celebs. Not only does this type of access give us the key into their glamorous lives but it lets us watch closely as the youngest of these stars grow up and ultimately, transform.

This week’s segment features the most buzz-worthy celebrity in the music industry. Twerking her way into this week’s Transformation Tuesday is the one and only, Miley Cyrus.

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Some of you may not have known this but Miley’s interest in the world of Hollywood started in Toronto, Canada while her and her family lived there for 4 years in 2001. This is where Miley started attending acting classes at the Armstrong Acting Studio. Her debut-acting role was at the age of 9 on her fathers television series, Doc, where she played a young girl named Kylie.

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Having taken a deeper interest in acting, Miley set her eyes on Disney and went in for the audition that would jump-start her career. At the age of 12, the executive producers were telling her she was too young for the role of Hannah Montana but that did not stop her. It took nearly 20 auditions and a lengthy pick-and-choose process between many other girls for the producers to realize Miley had the part.

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And so the legacy of Hannah Montana began and it would go on for 4 seasons (98 episodes). From this Disney series derived Miley’s Hannah Montana World Tour, two Hannah Montana movies (one being the concert movie for her tour) and her first two studio albums (Hannah Monatana 2: Meet Miley Cyrus 2007, Breakout 2008).

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When it came time for her TV series to end, her ties with Disney slowly started to diminish as well. With the end of that era, Miley started her slow transition with the help of her album “Can’t Be Tamed”. The music video for the lead single “Can’t Be Tamed” went on to become one of the first items of her career to have people talking. She was criticized for showcasing her sexuality and the overall message the song portrayed.


After telling the world that she could not be tamed, Miley settled into more mature roles in acting. Starring along side Liam Hemsworth (her fiancé now) in The Last song, Miley played as the lead role “Ronnie”. The movie placed first in weekend releases in the box office and earned just over $65 Million in its first 5 days of release.


Having put music on hold for a while, Miley kept up with acting. She appeared in Justin Bieber’s “Never Say Never”, Punk’d and even guest-starred on two episodes of Two and a Half Men followed by her lead role in the movie “LOL”.


So what’s been happening since then? The 20-year-old pop sensation has been getting immense amounts of attention by the media. More so than she ever got while she was actively pursuing movies and music. The public seems to have taken an interest in her personal endeavours rather than her career.

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The first of many headlines began with her engagement to The Last Song co-star Liam Hemsworth. Mid-2012 word spread of their engagement and speculation about her being too young for the commitment spread like wildfire.


While the world thought they knew what was best for her, she was busy getting back into music. Miley started posting video’s on YouTube of her “Backyard Sessions” where her and her band performed covers in her backyard. In these intimate sessions we were able to hear Miley’s raw talent and her unique voice. She definitely wasn’t the same old Disney girl, but the real change had yet to come.

August 2012 came the ultimate change that would keep the media buzzing and criticizing for weeks. Miley Cyrus did the boldest thing a girl can do; she cut off all her hair! Well not all of it, but close enough. The spontaneous star bleached her hair blonde and sported a short punk-rock do.

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And with the new haircut, we were introduced to a new Miley. Even her circle of friends grew larger, welcoming the likes of Pharrell, Mike Will Make It, Snoop Dogg, French Montana and more. Her carefree vibe set the media in rage as they speculated she was “out of control” and “a bad influence”.

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June 3rd 2013, the first single off Miley’s album “Bangerz” was released. A completely different sound we’ve never heard from Miley, “We Can’t Stop” set the tone for the album to which she describes as “dirty south hip-hop”. Just last week at the MTV VMAs, Miley performed the single along with a collaboration of “Blurred Lines” with Robin Thicke. Miley’s choice of attire and dance moves set the world in an uproar since media outlets haven’t stopped raving about it for over a week.

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As far as transformations go, Miley has taken the biggest leap. Not only with her appearance but through her artistry as well. With the scrutiny and criticism she’s facing with the media today, we think she’s doing just fine. She’s tapped into her inspiration and she is being a true artist! We hope to see all this reflected positively on her album that’s due for release early October.

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-Sara Soulati


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