Transformation Tuesday: Britney Spears!

September 17, 2013

As far as transformations go, almost all musicians and celebrities go through them. Some make the transition with ease as no one notices but others aren’t as lucky while they have masses watching their every move. At the age of 31(although she doesn’t look it) she has spent nearly a third of her life under the spotlight. Racking in hit after hit, Britney Jean Spears takes home this week’s position on WeKnowTheDJ Transformation Tuesday!

Britney mickey mouse club

Her journey towards the woman she is today started in 1990 when Spears and her mother traveled to Atlanta, GA for an audition to be on The Mickey Mouse Club. Although she was rejected for being too young, she was referred to a talent agent in New York City. Britney’s first professional role was as an understudy in the musical “Ruthless!” After a little more than a year of doing small jobs through her talent agent, she was finally chosen to star on The Mickey Mouse Club. Not long after the show was cancelled, she returned to her hometown of McComb, Mississippi to attend school. She often referred to her schooling experience there as the opening scene of Clueless, with all the cliques.

At the young age of 16, Spears began speaking with manager Lou Pearlman in hopes of joining a female pop group Innosense. After multiple attempts to impress producers and record labels, everyone was convinced there was no room in the market for “another Madonna” and the rejections flowed in. This didn’t stop the young dreamer as she continued with her team to pitch her ideas and music when she finally got some attention. She began working with the likes of Max Martin, Denniz Pop and Yami Yacoub.

 britney with nsync

Come 1999, after being an opening act for *NSYNC, Britney released her first album titled …Baby One More Time. It debuted at number one on Billboard 200 and was certified two-times platinum. Worldwide, the album topped charts and sold over 10 million copies. It went on to become the biggest selling album by a teenage artist. This album remains today as the best-selling first album of an artist.

 britney baby one more time

The fame and success came easy to Britney but just as you would suspect, the critics were lingering not far behind. The first controversial act of Britney Spears kicked off with her cover of the April 1999 issue of Rolling Stone. The magazine featured Britney on the cover lying on her bed, clad in a bra, shorts and an open top. Critics began saying it was “a disturbing mix of childhood innocence and adult sexuality” and encouraged “God-loving Americans to boycott stores selling Britney’s albums.” Regardless of the negative critics, her headling tour for …Baby One More Time was positively received and experienced great success.

 britney rolling stone

A little over a year later in May 2000 we received Britney’s second studio album Oops!…I Did it Again. The album once again topped the Billboard 200 chart at number one and went on to receive several Grammy nominations.

 britney oops i did it again

While on tour supporting her album Oops!…I Did it Again, Britney began getting influenced by Hip-Hop artist such as Jay-Z and The Neptunes so she was eager to start recording a funkier sound. With that inspiration came Britney, her third studio album. Of course like all her previous work, the album debuted at number one on Billboard 200 proving she was never a One-Hit-Wonder to begin with. The album was honored with two Grammy nominations and was listed under “100 best albums in the Past 25 years” on Entertainment Weekly.

Her supporting tour for the album was received extremely well from critics for its technical innovations. The Dream Within a Dream tour grossed a total of 43.7 Million. Her success was then highlighted in Forbes Magazine in 2002 as she was ranked the World’s Most Powerful Celebrity.

Having conquered the music world, Spears ventured into new grounds as she starred in her first role in the movie Crossroads in early 2002 which grossed $57 Million worldwide as well as opening up her first restaurant, Nyla, in New York City later that year.

Britney’s life began opening up more to the public as her 3-year relationship with former Mickey Mouse Club co-star Justin Timberlake ended. We were given direct access into the breakup with songs from Timberlake’s first solo album titled “Cry Me A River.” The music video featured a Spears look-a-like which fuelled rumours of her being unfaithful. As a supposed response, Britney wrote the ballad “Everytime”.

 britney with justin timberlake

britney madonna christi

And then came one of the most publicized moments on the MTV Video Music Awards stage with Britney and Christina Aguilera opening with “Like A Virgin” only to be joined by Madonna herself, whom they both kissed during the performance. However, Britney never let a little scandal get in her way! By mid 2003, her fourth studio album, In The Zone was released! The album debuted on top of the charts and was dubbed one of the most important records of the decade. This was Britney’s shining moment as she had taken control over more of the creative aspects of her album, writing and co-producing most of the tracks.

 brintey x factor

While 2004-06 was a whirlwind of family-time for Spears, she made the time in between to release a Greatest Hits album featuring her cover of Bobby Brown’s My Prerogative as her top single. The hit was received incredibly well from audiences and topped the charts. Aside from her musical success Britney was very much devoted to starting her family. Her and Kevin Federline got married 3 months after meeting and had their two kids Sean and Jayden.

Things took a turn for the worse as media started picking at all of Britney’s personal choices and her familial obligations. By the end of 2007, her and Federline had filed for divorced and agreed on shared custody of the kids. With the end of that era, things did not get any easier for the Pop Princess. 2007 became the year the world would see all of her personal struggles. After staying in several rehabilitation centers and struggling with drug abuse, Britney became very distant from the public.

October 2007, the world was stunned. Spears released her fifth studio album Blackout which topped charts as usual. The record won album of the year at the MTV EMA’s in 2008 followed by her “Come back” performance of “Gimme More” at the MTV Video Music Awards later that year. The single sky rocketed on the music charts followed by the second single of the album, “Piece of Me.” After being hidden from the industry for so long, her success was not anticipated however it was accepted graciously.

 britney blackout

Her sixth studio album came next, titled Circus, which topped number 1 on all charts. She earned herself a spot on Guinness Book of Records for the youngest female artists to have five albums debut at number one. With the success of the album and the lead single “Womanizer”, Britney embarked on The Circus Starring Britney Spears tour which grossed a whopping $131.8 Million.

 britney femme

Spears stayed under the radar for a while after that while she still made a few moves in the industry like guest-starring on a Britney-Themed episode of Glee, which gained the highest-ever ratings for the show. All was quiet until Femme Fatale, Britney’s seventh studio album which as always produced hits that traveled through the radio airways, “Hold it Against Me” and “Till The World Ends.” The success was continued with the Femme Fatale Tour later on that year.

Once again after gracefully setting records with her music, Britney went on yet another break. Early 2012, Spears was hired as a judge on the second season of X-Factor only to become the highest paid judge on a singing competition television show in history. She was being kept on a close watch by producers, viewers and pretty well the entire world as they thought she would lose emotional control but the elegance never seized in Britney. During her time judging on the show we saw her compassion, her comical side and her professionalism. All past scandal was nothing but dust!

Currently, Britney is working on her eighth studio album which we don’t doubt will be at the top of the charts upon release. The first single off the album has officially been released and if it is any indication of what is to come on her new album, then all we have to say is… she’s still got it! In a fluid club banger, Britney gives you some fun advice that if you want to be living the luxurious life with all those expensive goodies,  you better WORK B*TCH! (listen below)

From being the 16-year-old in McComb, Mississippi bored with her school-mates, to the worldwide, multi-million dollar recording artist, Britney has endured quite the transformation. As a defining woman in the world of Pop music, we are forever looking up to her. Her transformation is far from over, so stick around and keep your eyes peeled! New music and new ventures to come soon from Ms. Britney Spears.
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-Sara Soulati


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