In The Spotlight: Ariana Grande

September 10, 2013


Welcome to WeKnowTheDJ’s newest segment: “In The Spotlight” where we’ll be taking a closer look at celebrities and artists that have found themselves under the white-hot spotlight of the entertainment world. For the first segment of “In The Spotlight,” we’re going to focus on a 20-year-old Florida native who has spent a majority of the summer as the center of attention. Unlike other young adult stars, Ariana Grande hasn’t found herself in the spotlight for negative reasons; the most risqué thing we’ve seen from her has been a kiss on the cheek from Justin Bieber while opening for the Believe Tour, but let’s be honest, that sounds far from “bad.” Why the constant press for the Boca Raton native? Believe it or not, it is possible for artists to receive attention for their talents! I know that seems like a foreign territory, especially with the negativity that has taken over the entertainment world but Ariana Grande is bringing it back and getting praised for her incredible voice!

On September 3rd, Ariana released her debut album, Yours Truly, which climbed to the number one spot on the iTunes chart only seventeen minutes after its release. Yours Truly, expected to top this week’s Billboard chart, has been called the album of the year and a sound completely different than anything we’ve heard recently. You can check out the full WeKnowTheDJ Yours Truly review at

With a new album comes new music videos and Ariana Grande has channeled the R&B vibe of the 1990’s for her newest music video, “Baby I”. Sara said it best, “In the most tasteful and effortless way, Ariana can make just about anyone fall in love with her through her music and movements!” You can find the entire “Baby I” WeKnowTheDJ write-up at

Speaking of new music videos, Ariana has been featured as the guest on the first episode of FLASH’D, Todrick Hall’s new series on myISH. On September 7th, Scooter Braun sent out a four-word tweet that made his 3 million Twitter followers extremely curious. Tweeting “Universal Citywalk….get ready” Scooter’s followers immediately began guessing which of his extremely talented artists would be making an appearance at Citywalk. As a complete surprise to Ariana, a flashmob was planned to celebrate the release of Yours Truly. The video, posted on YouTube and below, is over seven minutes of dance perfection. The entire team at myISH were completely entertaining but I think the appearance by Ariana’s brother, Frankie, was my favorite part of the entire flashmob! Check out the video below!

The surprise flashmob wasn’t the only event for Ariana Grande on September; it was actually an extremely busy day for the young star. At 9PM EST, Ariana joined iTunes for a Twitter chat where she answered fan questions about Yours Truly and her Listening Sessions tour. While talking about the success of Yours Truly, Ariana shows how grateful and overwhelmed she is from the positive feedback she’s received. On an album she’s described as feeling “like a very long love letter and personal,” it only makes sense that so many fans have connected to Ariana on Yours Truly.

Speaking of the world’s favorite album right now, Ariana has been joined by famous friends on Yours Truly. Mac Miller, Big Sean, Mika and Nathan Sykes all make an appearance on Ariana’s debut album and each feature is absolutely incredible in it’s own way. While on a press tour in New York City (including the Today Show and a studio stop at the Elvis Duran Show), Ariana stopped by the Live with Kelly and Michael to perform Almost Is Never Enough with Nathan Sykes. A collaboration that wasn’t featured on the album, but would be hilarious in the future, is Ariana Grande featuring Jimmy Fallon. Ariana stopped by Jimmy’s New York City talk show where the duo performed a Broadway medley of rap hits. We’ve posted the video below so be sure to check that out!

Ariana Grande has stepped foot into the limelight and with a voice like hers, she’s not disappearing any time soon. Her talent is real and her gratitude is incredible. Ariana knows she’s blessed to be in this position and she’s not willing to give up her passion. Ariana has become a true star and she’s only going up from here. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if she gets a Grammy nomination for her debut album! Send us a tweet at @weknowthedj and let us know your thoughts on Ariana’s latest projects and appearances!


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