New Music: Justin Bieber feat. Tyga-Wait For A Minute

September 6, 2013


If you ask any Belieber about the wait for new music from their idol, Justin Bieber, they would quote the old lady from Titanic and tell you “it’s been 84 years…”

Although in reality it hasn’t been quite that long, the constant teasing from Team Bieber over the past few months has made it feel like a lifetime without new music. Well Beliebers, the wait is over. Yes, that’s correct…”soon” is FINALLY here! is giving you the debut of Bieber’s latest track “Wait For A Minute” featuring Tyga. The exclusive track is off of DJ Tay James’ upcoming mixtape, WeKnowTheDJ Radio Volume 3.

Some may find the song to be a different sound than his previous, but different, in this case, is better. If this track was playing in a club, you definitely would be bobbing your head and twerking on the dance floor. It will change how Bieber is perceived and perhaps allow him to acquire a new following. It’s THAT GOOD!!!

If you can stretch your memories far back, you’ll remember the last musical offering from Bieber was January of this year with the “Believe Acoustic” album. This record earned him the shining spot as the only recording artist to sell 5 number 1 albums under the age of 19.

With such tremendous accomplishments under his belt, Bieber jumped back into the studio putting rigorous hours into his new music, all while on a worldwide tour. Although his fans were aching for new material, Bieber and his team knew that greatness took time and the new sound would be worth the wait. And we couldn’t agree more!

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-Kellie C. (@Kellie_Cox) & Sara S. (@SaraSoulati)

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