Madison Beer’s Melodies Video Debut!

September 12, 2013

melodies music vid

Madison Beer is currently one of Scooter Braun’s youngest acts and was discovered by the Pop Prince himself, Justin Bieber. Today is a big day for her as the music video to her very first single has released and it will take some of you on a nostalgic trip to the past!

Just 4 years ago, one of Scooter Braun’s first (and youngest) artists released his first music video “One Time.” Yes, it was Justin Bieber. This iconic video jump started his career gaining him the fans that are still with him today. The start of this video featured Bieber’s well-known Canadian best friend, Ryan Butler.

With the release of Madison’s video, “Melodies”, we were taken back to that very first Justin Bieber clip! The video begins with Bieber and Ryan Butler sitting on a couch listening to Melodies while talking about her talent. Perhaps this is foreshadowing the success that is to come in Madison’s career. The video continues to show Bieber wrapping a package with Beats headphones for Madison who later receives them and puts them on before the music to the song starts.

Melodies rb and j

As she begins singing and dancing down the street, she is unaware of the number of people who start to follow her along, also dancing and singing. The song has such a contagious melody that if we were to see Madison singing to it, we would join her too! The rest of the video keeps an up-tempo rhythm along with the song and proves to be nothing but FUN!

As her debut into the music industry, Madison Beer’s “Melodies” and accompanying music video are a smash. The young 14-year-old has set up a great platform to work on for her future. We’re excited to see how her talents grow!

Make sure to check out the music video to “Melodies” below and tweet @weknowthedj to let us know what you think!


-Sara Soulati


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