Lose Yourself To Dance With Daft Punk!

September 20, 2013

daft punk

Music is probably the one thing that has the power to bring every person from all walks of life together at the same time. Whether it is your mum losing herself to Michael Jackson’s Thriller or your little sister losing herself to One Direction’s What Makes You Beautiful, music has the ability to make you forget all of your problems in life for a good three and a half minutes. And that is the focal point of Daft Punk’s newest music video for “Lost Yourself To Dance.”

The music video is so simplistic that the only thing the viewer will be able to focus on is the beat; that damn beat. The video is set in an old school dance club and Daft Punk, along with Pharrell Williams, are sat on top of a pyramid-shaped stage surrounded by moving bodies, all of which are….wait for it…losing themselves to dance. The only point that Daft Punk aims to make with this video is to drop everything and lose yourself to dance, and that is what this video does. There are only a handful of music videos that can focus on the song and the song only and make a huge statement. “Lose Yourself To Dance” is the newest video on that list.

Let’s be real, at the start of the video, “Lose Yourself To Dance” wasn’t my favorite song in the world. But you can only hear Pharrell say “Lose Yourself To Dance” so many times before it gets stuck in your head and quite frankly, it’s already stuck in mine!

“Lose Yourself To Dance” is the second single from Daft Punk’s upcoming album Random Access Memories, following the recent hit “Get Lucky.” Random Access Memories is available on iTunes and in stores NOW so be sure to go and purchase it in the very near future. But for now, please lose yourself to music with the music video below!

-Blake M



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