Justin Bieber Needs No Gimmicks

September 14, 2013

The media and world in general are in a frenzy over an Instagram Bieber posted, which shows him taking a selfie in the mirror whilst appearing to hold the script for the new Batman vs Superman film.

The Instagram, titled: #robin ???  sparked a meltdown on the internet with media and fans alike either toying with the possibility or dismissing it.  However, considering the superstar tweeted “Off to do something funny or…die :)” a few hours before, it would be fair to suggest that he is pulling our leg. Nevertheless, it’s fun to watch people take it to the extreme when they know little or nothing about the story behind the picture and in truth, the Canadian has expressed an interest in working on fictional films in the past, so never say never!

However, it’s the comments in the media suggesting this was a cunning ploy to create exposure before his new music releases in October that I find the most amusing.  Mainly because he doesn’t need that kind of trickery.

We all have our opinions on how Miley has generated interest in her music over the last couple of months, especially in terms of the record-breaking viewing figures on her latest video: Wrecking Ball.  Personally I love her music and don’t mind what she does in her videos, she’s a strong woman working hard and good for her. But Bieber is doing something more subtle.

When we recently posted an exclusive first play of two of his new songs (both of which are available on the new @DJTayJames  Mix Tape: 3) the world paused and listened. The comments for Wait For A Minute  and The Intro  have been positive, not just from the fans but from the public as well. For the fans it marked the beginning of the new era and was an interesting marker on how well the new vibe would be received. In terms of the general public, it was an equally important opportunity to gauge opinion.  Radio stations started to take notice and played the music and of course, we saw a lot of the “I didn’t used to like him but now I do” or “I was surprised I liked this because It’s Bieber” comments, but what does that actually mean?

Well, in real terms it means he is conquering by stealth. If you think about how much music is available today, with new releases being trumpeted as the ‘next big thing’ every hour, artists are resorting to ever more extreme tactics to sell themselves to an increasingly jaded public. How far do we have to take the shock factor to get attention? And yes, I’m still talking about Miley here, because there is no way around it, sex sells.

Bieber seems to be using his raison d’être as his main source of power as oppose to the gimmicks his peers are utilising, choosing to allow the music to speak for itself.  It’s working, people are taking notice and taking his music seriously. In the meantime, I have to say that I think he’d make a pretty amazing superhero in his spare time.

Lucy. J.

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