Jay Z and Justin Timberlake’s Exclusive “Holy Grail” Premiere

September 2, 2013


There’s no way around it, Justin Timberlake was the winner of the night at the 2013 Video Music Awards, a title that he clearly deserves after an incredible eighteen-minute performance and taking home the night’s two biggest Moonmen. How does JT celebrate his night of victories? By releasing another music video, of course! It’s never too early to prepare for the 2014 VMAs, right? What happens when Justin Timberlake joins up with his friend Jay Z to release a music video? The “Holy Grail” music video becomes the first clip by a major music artist (or artists) to premiere on Facebook’s video player.

On Thursday August 29th at noon, JT and Jay Z premiered their newest video exclusively to the social media site founded by Mark Zuckerberg. The collaboration video can exclusively be viewed on Facebook’s video player for twenty-four hours before it hits YouTube or any other video site at noon on August 30th. The deal with Facebook seems a little strange at first, especially since Justin Timberlake is part of the group who recently purchased MySpace, but with Jay Z’s 17 million and JT’s 25 million Facebook fans, it makes sense.

When Jay Z’s “Holy Grail” announcement was originally made, he sent out a #newrules tweet and he’s definitely playing by new rules in this five-minute long video. Jay Z paces around an abandoned mansion which watching previous Mike Tyson footage while Justin Timberlake weaves between women in white sheets. While watching the video for the first time, lavish was the word that came to my mind almost immediately. Check out the music video for “Holy Grail” right below and send us a tweet at @weknowthedj to give us your feedback.

Between Justin’s vocals, Jay Z puffing smoke and the lighting throughout the video, grand is the right word. The Justin Timberlake-Jay Z team effort has proven to be one for the history books as the duo continue to shine bright. Both of the men are incredible artists and arguably musical geniuses so their joint effort is definitely one that you’ll always remember. I just pressed play on the “Holy Grail” music video for the third time since starting this article; I’m impressed a little bit more each time. Congratulations Jay Z and JT on an amazing project, we can’t wait to see the recognition and success that’s expected from this video!


Meg C. (@megchamp07)

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