Drake and Miley spark controversy with album artwork

September 2, 2013

A royal member of the hip-hop charts and pop culture’s favorite wild child have both set to work this week in the music veins of Cyberspace with a stream of promotions. Undoubtedly with the intention of teasing their legions of fans, rapper Drake and pop princess Miley Cyrus have unveiled glimpses into their respective upcoming album covers. These visual snippets – both shocking and notable for a variety of reasons – are undoubtable representations of what to expect from the records.

Drake, who will be back on the music scene with his upcoming release “Nothing Was the Same”, ignited a stream of amusement on social media when he debuted the cover for the record. The album art features a profile-view image of the rapper facing an afro-haired youth. Both images are set against a backdrop featuring a periwinkle sky dotted with clouds. While the contemporary depiction of the singer is notably ordinary, it’s the youth that has drawn the most commentary.


“Drake put Blue Ivy on his new album art #notmad”, one fan posted on Twitter, while another chimed in with, “Why is Blue Ivy on Drake’s album cover?”.

Despite the amusing speculations that the Canadian star chose to place the famed daughter of global superstars Beyonce and Jay-Z, Drake took to MTV himself to clarify. “It’s a child version of myself staring at myself now.” He explained. “Sometimes when I try and think back on this journey, it’s so hard to pinpoint all of these moments and it gets foggy.” He describes the “Nothing Was the Same” album art as a means of conveying his story. He designates the artwork as his “most clean, concise thoughts from now” and his “best recollection of then. That’s really what that cover’s about.”

Perhaps of more note is Miley Cyrus’ contribution for her upcoming release, “Bangerz”. The “We Can’t Stop” superstar released artwork this past week that sparked controversy across the Twittersphere – only adding to the flame that broke out following her raunchy performance alongside Robin Thicke on the MTV Video Music Awards this past Sunday. The “Bangerz” promo artwork includes a depiction of the former Disney starlet poised atop a red chair in glossy checked pants and a white crop top as one hand clutches her crotch. She sends the camera a smoldering pout as a neon sign blares the word “Bangerz” in the background.


Speaking out in defense of her recent flood of controversy, Miley explained to The Associated Press that “people forget what it feels like to be 20. People just evolve and that’s all that’s happened to me. But people think a mad scientist somehow cooked up this potion and turned me into a different human which it wasn’t. All I did was get a haircut and buy some clothes and everyone thinks that I am made into a robot that changes with what’s popular every 10 years.”

Fans can get their hands on “Nothing Was the Same” in stores September 24th, while “Bangerz” is scheduled to drop October 4th. What are your thoughts on the album artwork?


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