DJ Tay James Drops WeKnowTheDj Radio Volume 3!

September 9, 2013


In the words of Justin Bieber, “you’re now tuning into Weknowthedj Radio…”

DJ Tay James, the man constantly encouraging all of us here at Weknowthedj to follow our dreams, is easily the best boss in the world. Taylor James is as genuine as they come and never hesitates to tell it like it is. That mindset has helped mold DJ Tay James into one of the hardest working DJ’s in the industry. With the much-anticipated release of the ‘Weknowthedj Radio Volume 3’ mixtape on Sunday September 8, 2013, Tay has put another masterpiece into the music world. The entire mixtape is available for download at

I think everyone in the world right now, Beliebers especially, agree with Justin Bieber when he says DJ Tay James is “the best DJ in the world.” Justin’s 44 million Twitter followers have been waiting for “soon” to end and this week, Taylor James was the first to deliver some new music! On Thursday, after excessively teasing on Twitter, WeKnowTheDj premiered “Wait For A Minute” (which also appears on WKTDJ Radio Vol. 3) and immediately caused chaos in Bieber-world. After Beliebers calmed down a little bit (well as calm as Beliebers can get) we decided to add to the chaos!

‘Weknowthedj Radio Volume 3’ begins in a way that changes the game when Justin Bieber proves that he has skill when it comes to rapping. It’s obviously no secret that Tay and Justin Bieber are best friends so it only makes sense that ‘Weknowthedj Radio Volume 3’ starts off with an appearance by Bieber. When the track list was first released, Beliebers had no idea what to expect from “The Intro” but those of us fortunate enough to hear the song early made sure to hype it up as much as possible! The track shows a new side of Bieber, a side far from the kid that sang “One Time” in a gray hoodie. Beliebers all over the world are freaking out about “The Intro” and have sent the @weknowthedj Twitter mentions into a frenzy!

The early release of “The Intro” got music fans hyped for DJ Tay James’ most recent project, arguably his best mixtape yet. Featuring songs from Drake, Mally Mall, Snoop Dog, Tyga, Juicy J, Jay-Z, Blake Kelly, Big Sean, 2 Chainz, and plenty of other talented artists, ‘Weknowthedj Radio Volume 3’ should be on repeat in your iTunes library! As a Hampton University graduate, DJ Tay James has a talent that most people cannot compare to and this mixtape only confirms that. The thirty-six tracks featured on ‘Weknowthedj Radio Volume 3’ are all interconnected by DJ Tay James shoutouts and appearances by some of Tay’s famous friends including Justin Bieber and Chris Brown.

I cannot stop listening to ‘Weknowthedj Radio Volume 3,’ it’s been on repeat in my room since it’s early afternoon release. If you haven’t experienced DJ Tay James live on stage or spinning at a club, ‘Weknowthedj Radio Volume 3’ can become your personal access into a Tay James party. With dope beats, Grade A cameos and a divine taste in music, Taylor James absolutely killed it with ‘Weknowthedj Radio Volume 3!’ Listen below or download the full mixtape here then send us a tweet at @weknowthedj and let us know your thoughts!

-Meg C. (@megchamp07)

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