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September 12, 2013

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Thousands, if not millions, were introduced to Justin Bieber through the documentary telling of his story, Never Say Never. The film followed the small town, Stratford-raised kid from his days of posting YouTube videos, to becoming the pop sensation we know today. Fast-forward a little more than 2 years; he has taken over the world. He is a household name and is unknown to virtually no one, unless you are living under a rock (literally).

This past Saturday (Sept 7), the beginning of a new Bieber era sparked. A secret showing of the Believe Movie took place, mounted by IM Global at the Cineplex in Toronto. The screening location was kept under wraps in fear of Biebers’ millions of adoring fans swarming the area.  However, a few lucky Beliebers were invited into the showing alongside industry professionals and international buyers.

Are you wondering what happens in the movie? We can’t (and we won’t) spoil the surprise of course, but we were able to speak to a few of the attendees to get the general idea. We caught up with Ellen Mersha, a long-time Belieber, who told us the movie “shows Bieber’s desire for validation and gives good insight on the process that goes into the making of his music.” When asked what a non-Belieber reaction to the movie might be she responded with “I’m sure they won’t be in love, but they will definitely respect him.”

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The day of the secret Toronto screening, Bieber and Jon Chu (director of Believe Movie and Never Say Never) got together for the interview portion they will be including in the film. After a supposed 3-hour recording session, Bieber concluded the only interview he would take part in this year. We are promised it will answer many questions and deliver nothing but the truth.

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As far as the making of the movie, Bieber tackled the process all while touring the world. And if that work-load wasn’t already enough, the 19-year-old spent every other waking minute of his travels writing and recording new music. Which all means that as of this moment, Bieber is sitting on a plethora of material due for release. After the secret Toronto screening of Believe Movie got the gears moving, the subtle beginnings of information started rolling out of team Bieber.


Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 8.38.58 PMScreen Shot 2013-09-11 at 8.40.34 PM


This has left us all with too many questions! What do all these releases entail? What should we expect? As we mentioned before, Never Say Never followed the story of how Justin Bieber, became Justin Bieber. While we wait for the Believe Movie, we can expect that it is about Bieber’s adaptation to the world he lives in today. We’re anticipating the movie will cover some of his personal experiences with the media but mostly how his music has evolved. Above all, we expect it will be so much more than just another concert movie.

As for his music, the transition from Bieber’s My World 2.0 to the Believe album was evident through his vocals so the what-to-expect aspect was an obvious one. However, this time around, he hasn’t foregone drastic physical changes (unless you’re a Belieber keeping close track of his muscular build through these months…) We’re talking about his voice! He is now a 19-year-old young man, facial hair and all, with the gift of creativity. So perhaps we won’t be getting a deeper voice, rather a creative take on his tracks. We are looking forward to seeing what Bieber is learning through other artists and himself to incorporate into the next era of his musical offerings.

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When taking a step back, you’d be shocked to realize all the work Bieber truly puts into his career. An average artist goes completely off the radar while touring. Considering he is performing more than the average amount of shows for a world tour, releasing new music, albums, and a movie, his dedication should never be up for debate.

So Beliebers, it’s time to erase the word “soon” from your vocabularies. With October comes new music, new insight, and more on the Believe Movie! With our take on what to expect with these releases, the handful of misguided Bieber-haters are about to be put in their place.

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-Sara Soulati


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