Avril Lavigne Saves “Rock N Roll”

September 2, 2013



Avril Lavigne releases the music video for her second single, “Rock N Roll,” from her forthcoming self-titled fifth studio album due to release this fall on Epic Records. “Rock N Roll,” is the follow-up to the smash hit “Here’s To Never Growing Up,” which debuted at #1 in 22 countries, was a top 10 single in 44 countries, and has sold over one million downloads since its release earlier this year. Like “Here’s to Never Growing Up,” “Rock N Roll” was co-written by Lavigne’s new husband, Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger. The music video, directed by Chris Marrs Piliero, has had over eight million views.

The video is more than random and maybe even took some pointers from Miley Cyrus? In Miley’s most recent video for “We Can’t Stop,” she twerked, danced with giants teddy bears, and made out with a large Barbie. And well, Lavigne’s video is nowhere near normal either.

The comic book-influenced music video starts with a promo for Sony Xperia. Lavigne then references her breakout hit “Sk8r-Boi” during which the she recites a few of the song’s lyrics chatting on the phone “He was a boy … she was a girl. Mmhmm. Well I’m sorry, if you don’t get it by now, I’m going to have to say good-bye, sir.” After hanging up, the phone screen shows the opening scene of the story, Lavigne dressed in army wear and dancing in front of a diner and vehicle. The theme of the video revolves around the singer and her crew taking on a mission to “Saving Rock N Roll.”

In the video you will watch as Lavigne takes on a battle with a “Bearshark” who threatens the existence of Rock N Roll. While at the diner Lavigne notices the Bearshark in disguised form and fights him. The Bearshark gets away after scaring Lavigne and her crew with a lobster. After discarding of the lobster, Lavigne, her girlfriend and their dog follow the Bearshark in the car. The car chase comes to a stop when the dog crashes in a tree, dying. Following the crash is a dialogue between Lavigne and “Winnie” where they mourn the dog and share a kiss. At the dog’s funeral Lavigne unlocks a magical guitar from his casket which she then plays the song’s guitar hook with in from of a church yard, a scene inspired from the Guns n Roses music video for “November Rain.” Finally, the Bearshark appears in his real form, and Lavigne uses the guitar to slay him. After her triumph, Lavigne gets a thumbs up from Billy Zane who jets off into the sky on a segway.

Lavigne’s self-titled album is set to release at the end of this month on September 24th. Wonder what else she’s got up her sleeve. For now, watch the new video and see what you think.

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