Ariana Grande Releases ‘Yours Truly’

September 5, 2013


Months ago, when Scooter Braun announced the addition of Ariana Grande to the SB Management team and Republic Records, the world was hesitant. To an outsider, Ariana Grande was just a Nickelodeon star trying to make it in the industry. But as he does best, Scooter Braun recognized her talent and potential. Ariana’s voice is her greatest instrument and possibly one of the industry’s best-kept secrets but now it’s time for the secret to be shared with the rest of the world. Ms. Grande has taken her first step into the giant fishbowl that is the music industry with her debut album, ‘Yours Truly.’ The twelve-track record shows of Ariana’s range of talent, which is definitely impressive for a twenty-year-old. As most television stars venture into the music world, they aim for pop music but Ariana has taken a different path with ‘Yours Truly.’ With influences such as Whitney Houston and Destiny’s Child, Ariana Grande is taking it back to R&B with sounds similar to those of the late 1990s and early 2000s. Although Ariana’s vocals have recently been compared to those of Mariah Carey, the September 3rd release of ‘Yours Truly’ has proven that Ariana can definitely hold her own in the music world.

At almost six minutes long, “Honeymoon Avenue” is the opening track on ‘Yours Truly’ where Ariana sings about a relationship that has turned bumpy but all she wants is to return to the “honeymoon” phase. “Baby I” was released a couple of weeks ago as the second single off ‘Yours Truly’ and is extremely catchy, it’s most likely been stuck in your head for weeks! On the project’s third track, “Right There,” Ariana has joined up with Big Sean where her vocals prove to be her strongest instrument, even over the hip-hop beat in the song. While ‘Yours Truly’ might be bringing listeners back to the 90s and 2000s, “Tattooed Heart” is going back to the oldies. While listening to this song, all I could picture is two people falling in love over a milkshake, you know, like the movies.

On the album’s fifth track, Ariana Grande turns the mood upbeat on “Lovin’ It.” It joins all of the other songs as being completely catchy and will definitely be stuck in your head for at least a day! With what seems to be a fan favorite, Ariana has made everyone smile with “Piano.” I wouldn’t be surprised if “Piano” ends up on the radio but beware; you’ll be dancing along! Ariana starts to slow it down with “Daydreamin” which holds a modern feel with a touch of the oldies. With all of the recognition the twenty year old is going to get from ‘Yours Truly’ I hope she still has time to daydream about her boyfriend with her “chin in the palm of her hand,” because of the way he makes her happy. As the first single, and the song that introduced Ariana to the music industry, “The Way” will always be a fan favorite. This collaboration with bad-boy Mac Miller proves that feelings are most important and stronger than other’s impressions.

On “You’ll Never Know,” Ariana proves that she’s just like every other young girl, wondering what will happen if a guy waits to tell her his feelings. On this track, Ariana confirms to guys all over the world that they should tell a girl their feelings, before it’s too late. On “Almost is Never Enough,” also featured on the Mortal Instruments soundtrack, Ariana Grande and The Wanted’s Nathan Sykes show that their voices are a perfect match. With recent media rumors, it might be more than just their vocals that are compatible. With a possible romance, Grande and Sykes team up for a jazzy ballad about being so close but so far away. I was lucky enough to see Ariana and Nathan perform “Almost is Never Enough” live for the first time at Justin Bieber’s Believe Tour in Atlanta last month and although it sounds amazing on the track, it sounds even better live!

With a beat similar to “Popular” from Broadway’s ‘Wicked,’ Ariana teams up with Mika for “Popular Song.” Ariana started her entertainment journey on Broadway and on this track, she’s returning to her roots. Ariana and Mika team up to sing about a hate who makes them feel like an underdog. But Ariana, hasn’t Scooter taught you that he likes being the underdog? Enjoy it while you can and continue to amaze people with your talents! On the final track of ‘Yours Truly,” Ariana steps up the beat with “Better Left Unsaid.” It has an Electric Dance Music feel and is ready to be played on the radio! Don’t be surprised if you hear it played in clubs all over the world in the upcoming months, maybe even by DJ Tay James!

With the release of Yours Truly, Ariana Grande is becoming a true player in the music industry. The debut of Yours Truly is one that has people all over the world speechless and makes me curious on what to expect next from Ariana. Give Ariana the best, including tools, producers, sounds and fans, and she’s going to be unstoppable. Arianators pushed ‘Yours Truly’ to the top of the iTunes chart within an hour of its release and honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets pushed to the top of the Billboard charts as well. Ariana’s debut album is available at Send us a tweet over at @weknowthedj and let us know your thoughts on ‘Yours Truly’ because the weknowthedj team loves the album!


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