The Importance Of Justin Bieber

August 15, 2013

Take a step back and remind yourself why you fell in love with Justin’s music and the importance of the musical milestones you’ve experienced along the way so far.

Last week I visited the beautiful seaside town of Tenby, South Wales  and considering its gorgeous beaches, fantastic restaurants and atmosphere I was surprised when I found the highlight was in fact a little record shop on the main street.

Dales Records is run by owner Laurie Dale and manager Richie Westmacott. Both are well-known in the area; Laurie is a singer and actor, Richie is a guitarist for a Welsh blues band called Elephant Gerald.  The shop is initially unassuming from the outside with it’s rails of T-Shirts and wire baskets full of vinyls. The awning that sits above the window is a little weather-worn. Nestled amongst restaurants and endless gift shops with buckets and spades for the beach however, it does indeed stand out.  Partly because it is one of the last remaining independent record shops in existence.

I have never visited this shop before, nor did I know it’s history (I have only just discovered this today) but standing there that morning and recognising the name thanks to a boy named Greg, I smiled (in fact, I nearly cried).

Back in the 90’s, it wasn’t so easy to get your sticky paws on music. I had to rely on Woolworths, which no longer exists, making the choices limited – if you didn’t fancy the latest NOW  offering you were done for.  Not that there was anything wrong with the NOW  compilations, I had several, but sometimes we require a little something else and I – being a heavy metal fan – had no chance.  For reasons I have written about before music was often an illicit form of pleasure for me but my solution came in the form of the coolest boy in the school; Greg.  He wasn’t necessarily ACTUALLY the coolest boy in the school, nevertheless, he had what I wanted and he readily produced the goods, thus he was my hero. At the start of every Autumn term, the last bell would ring and I would leg it out onto the bus park where he would stand on the corner of the science block, nonchalantly tossing his long hair out of his face (then carefully positioning back over his eyes – as was the way in the 90’s). With a backpack bulging with promise at his feet, Greg had the look of absolute smugness only permitted by those who have the power to form a queue the length of the river Nile in front of them.  This was because he had the music and he had it because he visited Dales  in Tenby  every summer. Dales  became the pilgrimage I always said I would make one day.

And so began my true musical adventure. He had piles of cassettes (ask your parents kids – these were the dastardly form of music media we had to suffer in-between the glorious vinyl and the luxury of CD’s and  iTunes).  We would share them around, but the main joy was being able to ‘order’ one from him the following summer!  Just imagine that?  Having to wait an entire ruddy year to get your hands on the music you wanted?  Think about that next time you feel like complaining about where #Heartbreaker  is boys and girls. We now have access to all the music we want, whenever we want it and there are numerous ways. Essentially, we’re spoiled. The fast-pace of a music industry that has to beat the illegal downloaders (and keep up with the demand of a fanbase) means we’re always hungry for more but you know what? Sometimes, we just need to chill.

Justin has an incredible catalogue of music out there (and I have no doubt an incredible one on it’s way) but sometimes it’s nice to just take a step back and appreciate what he has given us already.  Yes, we want the new music, but I’m still enjoying the My World songs, let alone the Believe tracks.  The speed at which we are provided with new music (whilst not devaluing it’s significance) is perhaps removing a little of the time we have to truly appreciate everything about the work that went into creating it.  There is no need to panic, he isn’t going anywhere, he is musician with a  true passion for his craft.

I remember the day I first heard Justin sing.  After watching the X-Factor back in December 2010 I spent the rest of the night (and well into the morning) watching every YouTube video I could.  I knew right then and there he had it.  I also remember the late nights staying up to watch his live performances and my concert on 27th February this year.  These are my memories of Justin, I know I will have many more and I also know I’m not alone in having these memories –  Beliebers everywhere do too but for now I’m hoping he’s enjoying some time off safe in the knowledge that the new music will be here #soon .  Treasure your musical memories of Justin, and take everything in.

Lucy. J.



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