Success Is All Justin Bieber Understands

August 27, 2013

Welcome to the eve of a new era.

When the Believe Tour kicked off in Glendale Arizona on 29th September 2012, Justin Bieber was still basking in the glory of his previous incredible achievements (including but by no means limited to; his sold out My World tour). Quite rightly so, but success like that is not easily achieved, musicians are not the same the world over, nor is their ability to keep their fans. Some lack character, some lose momentum, some simply cannot handle the pressure. Yet here we are, already nearing the end of his 2nd world tour – the hugely successful Believe tour – and THIS musician is still going strong. Stronger than ever in fact.

It should be with tremendous pride that Justin welcomes in the 3rd era of his musical career, because in an age of expediency in the music industry, Justin is leading with a conscience. Not only in terms of how artists now communicate with fans, but also in the way he has always set the example to keep others in mind, no matter who you are.  There are no sneaky tactics going on here, this is a genuine love for music.

Symbolically this new era represents his career as an adult and will carry with it the weight of expectation that only a true artist can handle. But Justin is more than capable. Fact is, at the age of 19, Justin is already a veteran. There is no other artist out there today in his position, and yes, there have been tough times for him along the way. And by tough, we’re not talking the media witch hunt, we’re talking his life before the spotlight. A life where his single mother had to work two jobs just to survive and use food banks to provide for her son. A life where, in order to enjoy a game of golf with his friends, the gifted young Canadian sat on the steps of the Avon Theatre in Stratford, Ontario and busked to earn the money to pay his way. A life where being the shortest at school meant he had to work harder than the rest to ensure his place on a basketball team. Which he did. He succeeded in becoming hugely successful in every sport he turned his hand to, hockey, ping pong, football (soccer). You name it, he was good at it. But as his closest friend Ryan Butler’s father (and soccer coach to Justin) famously said; he wouldn’t pass the ball.

That independent will to succeed  is what made the difference, and he has battled all his life. But this is not the only key to his success. Here we have an artist who genuinely enjoys his day job and his constant hard work has ensured he has never seen a drop off in performance. And, since everything hangs on performance in this industry, it is fair to say a second sold out world tour proves my point. He pleases the crowds. It’s all down to being properly prepared and properly focused. Something Justin uses as a mantra to motivate himself (and it works).  These first two world tours have been fantastic and I have no doubt that he is not only stimulated but truly fulfilled by his career which makes this new era all the more exciting. What will we get? Well, we have been given a few tiny hints at an R&B vibe somewhere in the mix, but apart from that we have to wait and see.

So, as the Believe era draws to a close with Justin embarking on the final leg of the tour next month, beginning with the Singapore F1 Grand Prix closing ceremony, the anticipation for a new era is building to a crescendo leaving fans going crazy at the merest mention of new music. That kind of hype hasn’t happened by accident. That is the result of the hard work of a 19-year-old who is committed to winning.

Lucy. J.


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