Selena Gomez’s ‘Stars Dance’ Tour Review!

August 25, 2013

stars dance tour

Since early November of 2012, her name has been plastered onto headlines and she has been questioned by the masses about what seemed to be everything except her career. The public eye has taken an interest in the most personal aspects of her life leaving her transitioning period from Disney star to adulthood quite strained. The results? Work, work and more work!

Selena Gomez has handled one of the hardest and most unsuccessful transitions most child Disney stars make, with absolute grace. Whether it is embarking on risky movie rolls, or working on her debut full-length solo album, Gomez has made it clear she is serious about this career.

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Thursday August 22, Selena’s Stars Dance tour rolled into Canada’s capital city, Ottawa for their 6th show. We were greeted by her first opening act, Christina Grimmie who took the stage alone but filled her presence with her booming vocals. She kept the crowd cheering and excited for Selena just before leaving the audience screaming as she introduced Emblem3 to the stage.

The set up of the stage itself was smaller but creative as the catwalk differed from the traditional straight runway. Instead, the stage featured an S-shaped extension that jutted into the crowed filling the spaces between the shape with seats.

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Next the trio that make up Emblem3 popped out for their entrance, greeting the roaring crowd with a simple “Namaste” as they rolled into their song “Girl Next Door”. Although new to the industry, they may have been one of the best openers a concert could have. They sang original songs from their début album “Nothing To Lose” and even a cover of Rihanna’s “Diamonds” to keep the audience attentive and dancing along.

After a short intermission, the lights dimmed for the final and main act… Selena Gomez. The screens lit up with the introduction video where we walked into what seemed like Gomez’s dream. The sweet-faced Texan kicked off the show with a frisky Bang Bang Bang and Round and Round from her previous album, before igniting a string of new tunes including the slow-burning Stars Dance and the lively Write Your Name.

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Recently celebrating her 21st birthday, Selena next rang into the first track off her album, “Birthday” and then slipped into a cover of Rihanna’s “Birthday Cake”, delivering it in a tasteful way despite the risky message the song portrays.

Bouncing back and forth from hit songs off her album with The Scene and Stars Dance, she finally slowed down the tempo right after a video collage of headline speculations about her former relationship with Canadian star, Bieber. As the lights lit up, we found Gomez standing in the middle of her “S” shaped runway in a floor length black dress singing “Love Will Remember” in it’s most intimate form, acoustically.

Finishing off the show on its highest note, Gomez and her band of eight athletic dancers delivered a beautifully choreographed performance of Come & Get It followed by the final song of the concert, Slow Down (the second single off of Stars Dance).

It seems Selena has grown up in the public eye far more controlled and cautious about losing the people who made her a household name when she first arrived at age 15. To some this might seem like a great strategy to provide longevity in a career but what we see, is loyalty. Selena is in no rush to grow up. Instead of flaunting her sexuality like most transitioning Disney stars have done in their time, Gomez delivered a concert that was full of energy, lights and movement. She’s being herself and her long-time fans are moving along with her.

selena slow down

Leaving Ottawa captivated and inspired, Selena continues her tour tonight in Toronto, Ontario. Europe is her next stop after Canada where names such as Union J and Timeflies will be open for her. was stunned by what the Stars Dance tour had to offer, what about you? If you’re attending one of Selena’s concerts or plan on attending, tweet us at @weknowthedj. We would love to know what you think!

-Sara Soulati


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