Miley Ain’t Worried About Nothin!

August 18, 2013


Over the past year, Miley Cyrus has been taking things up a notch. From the provocative photo shoots to her new direction in music, that country girl from Disney is long gone.

Just last week, Cyrus posted a video on Facebook where French Montana and herself are seen in the studio previewing their remix of “Ain’t Worried About Nothin.” As a surprise to many, Cyrus was rapping on the track, with a verse sampling Migos’ “Versace.” In the chorus, instead of dropping the N word like French Montana, Cyrus instead used the B word. Regardless, she still gained a lot of heat from the remix alone. Many comments about race and stereotypes came into play, but as always, Cyrus had a sassy response, tweeting, “i know what color my skin is. you can stop with the friendly reminders b****” (but of course without the asterisks.) She followed that tweet up with a graphic of her lyrics, “It’s my mouth I can say what I want to.” No one really expected her to not defend herself, right?

On August 14th, Miley teamed up with Terry Richardson, an American photographer famous for shooting a wide variety of celebrities like Rihanna, Will Ferrell, and even President Obama. Miley Cyrus plus scandalous photos isn’t exactly a shocking thing anymore. Flipping the bird, twerking on the wall, blowing out a puff of smoke…we’ve seen it all before. Nevertheless, it still does take some time to get used to.


Two weeks ago (August 2nd to be exact), Vevo released the premiere of Big Sean’s “Fire” music video. Now if you were like me, you probably were not expecting what you actually saw. And that was two minutes and 51 seconds of pure Miley Cyrus. Alright, deduct a few seconds here and there for the occasional rose and photo of the Detroit rapper, but still, it’s almost a solid 3 minutes of just Miley in slow motion wearing sensuous outfits. But you know how they say don’t judge a book by its cover? The “Fire” video exemplifies just that. Big Sean took to Twitter to explain the concept about the video, saying, “I got Miley Cyrus for this video because she’s somebody who’s had a personal evolution as a lot of us have had. Besides all the personal stories I tell in the song, there are so many other was people can make it through the fire. I think Miley did a great job as a metaphor for strong women…” So Miley being in the video was actually a great honor and compliment!

As if that hasn’t kept Miley busy enough, she also has been nominated for a Video Music Award and is scheduled to perform this year alongside other previously announced performers Lady Gaga, Robin Thicke, and Kanye West. Based on her VMA commercial, if Miley’s performance is anything short of risqué, I will be in complete and utter disbelief. But I do expect her to deliver an amazing vocal performance. Keep tweeting #votemiley for her to earn votes Smilers!

The most important of Miley’s recent social media escapades is probably the announcement of the official release date of her fourth studio album, “Bangerz.” Why would she name it that? “Nothin but #BANGERZ,” the singer tweeted, answering the question on everyone’s minds. The album will be released October 8th and will feature Big Sean, Future, French Montana, Nelly, and a few others that she can’t ruin the surprise just yet.

After her hiatus from music, the new direction Miley is taking is quite interesting. It’s different for her, undoubtedly, but straying away from the norm is not always a bad thing. Safe to say I’m anxious to see what she’s about to lie out on the table!

-Aisha R.


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