Katy Perry’s Next Single: Fans Have Decided!

August 29, 2013


Stemming off of her amazingly EPIC performance of “Roar” on the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards, Katy Perry gave her fans the ultimate opportunity of picking her new single from her upcoming album PRISM!

Leading up to the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards, Katy Perry posted a few very cryptic videos on YouTube, completely redefining the “California Girl” image that she has become world famous for. The videos ranged from Katy burning the infamous blue wig associated with the “California Girls” music video to a funeral of that candy-coated character altogether. All these videos led up to the released of “Roar”, which was leaked online before the originally planned released date of August 12th.

Perry returned to the music charts like a champion with “Roar”, with the hit single peaking at Number Two on the Billboard Hot 100 after only two weeks of being released on iTunes. Perry even released an Emoji-fied lyric video to her VEVO channel, which really didn’t help the KatyCats learn the lyrics but did give them more emoji actions to add to their repertoire.

As if Roar isn’t already a super smash hit, Perry had a bit of trouble choosing the single following “Roar”, so she put the decision in the hands of the fans!  “So what’s it gonna be kids?”, the champion asking on Twitter.

30 second snippets of “Dark Horse” and “Walking On Air”  were posted on pepsi.mtv.com, giving the fans the opportunity to sample both tracks and vote for their favorite, the winning track becoming available on iTunes September 17th. The fans decided and “Dark Horse” came out on top! With 64% of the vote over “Walking On Air”, “Dark Horse” is officially Katy Perry’s newest single form PRISM!

Unfortunately, the snippets of “Dark Horse” and “Walking On Air” have been taken down from pepsi.mtv.com,  but the KatyCats shouldn’t fret! I did a bit of journalistic investigation (YouTube searching) and found BOTH snippets, which will be posted below!

PRISM will be released October 22, but in the mean time, “Roar” is still soaring on the charts and Katy will be releasing the music video in the very near future! The “Queen of the Jungle” posted a teaser on her VEVO account on August 25th with a jungle theme, accompanied by monkeys, elephants, and of course, roaring tigers. Fitting. That video will be posted below as well! I’ve got yall’s back! Enjoy all three of those videos and feel free to tweet us at @weknowthedj and inform us of your opinions! We LOVE hearing them 😉

-Blake M





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