August 2, 2013

Justin Timberlake "Take Back the Night" (Screengrab)

It should really come as no surprise that Justin Timberlake asked his fans to “unlock” the “Take Back The Night” music video on Tuesday.

As we have all been so amusedly observing since JT’s fierce and rousing return to music, he likes to toy with his fans whenever he releases something new, or whenever he damn well pleases. He can never just give us something outright; there always has to be some sort of gamification to his projects.

A perfect example of this ritualistic behavior is his “#FindersKeepers” game that he plays at each of his tour stops. All along the Legends Of The Summer Tour, JT signs and hides a pair of his shoes – freshly worn and absurdly fly shoes, might I add – and posts Instagram clues so that the first fan to find them in the city gets to keep them! I guess if we’re being honest, the games are always fun, exciting, and so worth it when you’re finally rewarded.  JT must be aware of this. Damn him and his genius!

So after about 4 hours of interacting with a bird’s-eye view of miniature NYC, clicking on Yankee Stadium and Times Square icons, the TBTN video was revealed to the world, and everyone could bask in its glory.  In an adoring tribute to The Big Apple, we get to watch JT corrupt some youth in Chinatown with his salty dance moves and enjoy stimulating angles of concert footage and trendy club scenes. Totally worth it.

All JT asked of us was that we “turn up the volume, dance to it, share it, repeat.” When Justin Timberlake tells you to do something, I think it’s in everyone’s best interest to submit.


-Jenni M.


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