Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby’ Goes Diamond!

August 2, 2013


This is definitely not a first for the 19-year-old singer, but Justin Bieber has made music history! Last night I was lucky enough to attend Bieber’s second Believe Tour show at the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ. A show, that in my opinion was just as memorable for Justin as it was for every single one of us in the crowd. Not only were we blessed with an incredible performance, but we were also able to share an amazing moment with Justin as he made music history!

Having attended previous shows during Bieber’s Believe Tour I can attest that each and every show proves to be unforgettable for different reasons. The Bieber team is notorious for their surprises and last night they lived up to that name when Bieber’s manager, Scooter Braun joined him on stage. Once reaching a shirtless Justin at the end of the catwalk Scooter began his speech, stating, “I’ve known him [Justin] since he was 12, and through all the good times and the bad times he has stayed positive and worked hard for all of you.”

Scooter then presented Bieber with the Recording Industry Association of America’s Diamond Award, which recognizes Baby for 12 Million in sales making Baby the #1 most certified song EVER! Some may think that for someone who has won countless awards this is just another to put on the shelf, but the surprise and appreciation that covered Justin’s face proves just how humble he is. Contrary to what some tabloids might tell you, Justin Bieber is an incredibly hard-working 19-year-old who is undoubtedly devoted to his fans. As much as the media has tried to tear him down lately, last night proved that Bieber is unbreakable when he has his beliebers behind him.

Upon receiving the award Justin wasted no time in turning out to the crowd to celebrate with his belieber family, asking “You guys want me to do a speech right now?” There was a roar of cheers throughout the entire stadium as they celebrated their idol. Justin then went on to make his acceptance speech, which brought the cheers to an entirely new level… my ears are still recovering. Bieber proved just how much his fans mean to him through his heartfelt speech:

“First and foremost.. I want to thank all of my beliebers in the audience tonight! Second of all, I want to thank all of my beliebers at home! You can cheer for them too. I want to thank my mom for always believing in me. And God. I want to thank these beautiful dancers on stage and I want to thank my band on stage, killing it! Can I thank you guys one more time?!” 

After handing off the award, Justin looked out to the crowd before performing his final song, and asked the one question every girl in the room was dying to hear, “WHO WANTS TO BE MY BABY?!”

Check out the video of Justin’s acceptance speech below!

From all of us here at WeKnowTheDj, Congratulations Justin!!!

-Meg M. @megmcquaide


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