Justin Bieber is a Slave To The Rhythm with Michael Jackson!

August 16, 2013

This afternoon while I idly glanced at my twitter timeline I was abruptly halted by a couple of tweets with a link to a song. I clicked on the link and low and behold was greeted by the unmistakable vocals of Justin Bieber AND Michael Jackson! Not only that, it was an amazing track I recognised from a couple of years back.


According to the official Michael Jackson website, Slave To The Rhythm was recorded back in 1998, was produced by Tricky Stewart and was originally intended to feature on the Invincible album. It didn’t make the cut (it did however leak back in 2010 to much appreciation from the fans, but was never released).

The track is classic MJ, there is no mistaking it. Justin adds his vocals seamlessly, belting out his additions to the song with his characteristic smooth Canadian style, complimenting Jackson’s tones and highlighting how the late superstar and his protégé are well matched and yet; individual.  Many people will be quick to say that to lend vocals to one of Michael’s songs is not right, but here’s the thing;  Justin is not Michael Jackson, just as Michael Jackson was not John Lennon or Elvis (as much as he idolised them). Having admired Jackson form a very young age, he has never shied away from admitting he see’s him as his ultimate mentor but remains as unique in his style and vocals as MJ was.

“I want to have that perfection, that’s what Michael did…I want to be as good as he was” – @JustinBieber #MJForever

Justin holds Michael  high as an inspiration and many people hold Justin high as theirs, and there is nothing wrong with that.  A few hours ago he tweeted: “Excited for what is to come. MJ set the bar. Not only for music but for being an entertainer and how u treat the fans. Wish he was here…”

Shortly after, UK radio station Capital FM  tweeted:

” ‘Slave 2 The Rhythm’ by @JustinBieber makes its UK radio debut in less than TEN MINUTES!! #NewBieberOnCapital #Beliebers

Thus becoming the first radio station in the world to play Slave To The Rhythm by Michael Jackson feat. Justin Bieber and did it ever cause a stir!  Tweets flooded in to the station, many from Beliebers but those were nearly outnumbered by positive  comments from non-fans like these:

“Wow Michael Jackson and Bieber! What a class song! #slavetotherhythm”

— Alex Nee (@alexnee93) August 16, 2013


“Just heard the first UK play of Michael jacksons new song with Justin bieber. It’s class! Proper classic MJ!”

— Jonny Fisher ( @Jonnyfisher ) August 16, 2013

There were plenty more where that came from.  The UK  just went crazy for Justin Bieber’s music again. You could hear the smile on the face of Greg the DJ at Capital this afternoon as he held his exclusive first play aloft!  Now the world is following suit and you get the feeling it would do well in the charts and clubs the world over.  Rumour has it that the track was leaked from MJ’s forth-coming posthumous album with Bieber being the only collaboration featured.  Back in April 2012 Justin hinted at all of this when he tweeted the following:

“just finished cutting one of the most important records of my life. an amazing and strange feeling at the same time.
Of course, the Beliebers are always going crazy for Justin’s music, you wouldn’t expect anything less! But regardless of whether you were a fan before of either MJ or JB, there is no denying this song is brilliant and Rodney Jerkins has proved once again that there’s no harm in a little remixing.  The introduction of a dubstep bridge featuring Justin’s vocals is particularly striking as being nothing like MJ, however, it IS very much like Justin and compliments the original feel of the song perfectly.

An outstanding tribute from the Prince of Pop to the King of Pop.

Lucy. J.


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