WeKnowTheDJ Exclusive Interview: Jet Wilson

July 22, 2013

A lot of people attempt every day to “make it” in the music industry but only a certain number will succeed and accomplish their music-making goals. Recently, I had the pleasure of interviewing Jet Wilson, an up-and-coming rapper who started his musical journey in 2008.  Jet Wilson (@JETisMusic) was born November 1, 1992 in Providence, Rhode Island but is an Atlanta-based artist. Jet recently changed his stage name from J.E.T. to Jet Wilson in hopes of portraying a more mature attitude. “I thought that Jet Wilson was more of a mature name, more mature for my style.” He’s taking a step in the positive direction, his first single under his new stage name, Club Rockin Like, hit iTunes on July 20, 2013. Check out the audio of Club Rockin Like below and be sure to support Jet by purchasing the track on iTunes.

Everyone pursuing a dream has an influence and Jet Wilson’s influences are rap royalty and hip hop geniuses; Kid Cudi, Kanye West, Naz and Jay Z top Jet’s list of musical influences. They also top his list of “dream collaborations,” especially Kid Cudi. Jet places Kid Cudi atop his collaboration list because he feels that Kid Cudi is so unique with different music and he truly doesn’t care about what other people think of his music. Personally, Jet names his girlfriend Tiarra and his father as his two biggest influences, mostly because they’ve stuck by his side through the ups and downs of creating a music career. While asked what influenced his introduction to the music industry in 2008, YMCMB rapper Lil Wayne is partly responsible for Jet’s musical interest. But while speaking of why he started a music career, he said, “I really just wanted a way to express my feelings and emotions. As far as releasing my emotions, it was far based off myself.” For our entire lives we’re taught to follow our dreams and set goals for ourselves, and Jet Wilson is doing just that. While talking about his ultimate goal, he says, “I want to make music that’s artistic. I want it to be more than just you bobbing your head. I want you to listen to the messages and the correlations. Personally, I want to make an album where people really sit down and listen to it.” Once signed to a major record deal, his main goal is to go platinum within the first year of signing. With enough hard work, dedication and determination, I think that goal is reachable!

When asked about advice he has been given, both professionally and personally, Jet insists that it’s all about being true to yourself. He says the best piece of advice he has received about his career is to “be myself; don’t try to make music because you think someone else will like it.” Jet insists that his music is different from a lot of other artists because he’s “not going to make a club banger because that’s what’s hot.” His plan is to be himself and be as artistic as he can, letting his creativity flow while not worrying about what other people think. He also truly believes that he found himself this year as an artist and while listening to his tracks on repeat, I have to agree!

Jet’s been blessed with an incredible fan following, the Jet Navy, but he makes it clear to me early in our interview that the Jet Navy means more than fans or supporters to him. He sees them as his family more than anything. What do you need to be part of his family? Jet says, “I consider anybody who represents the Jet Navy as my family.” Well, with 119.1K and counting Twitter followers, the family is growing every day! He even says his Jet Navy family keeps him motivated on rough days when he might want to give up. He took time to explain to me the special bond he feels with his fans on Twitter, especially since he realizes he wouldn’t be in his position without any of his fans. He made an incredible point by saying, “Just because you’re more famous or bigger than someone doesn’t mean you’re better than them; I think everyone’s equal and deserves the time of day.” He understands that the worst feeling is to be ignored “especially by your idol,” which is why he tries to speak to everyone on his social media sites. He bond with his followers is so strong that he took the time to explain the relationship he has with one of his fans and the dedication they portray by saying, “I told them I want them to be my social media marketer and I’m really serious about it because I can see when people really truly help and I can truly see that they’re helping me just because they want to help me. They help me because they see something.” I can speak for all of the Jet Navy and everyone at Weknowthedj when I say that we see something in Jet Wilson.

As an up-and-coming artist, Jet Wilson is trying to build his fan base and hopes to capture the attention of people all around the world. I asked what he wants those future fans to know about him, in which he responded, “I pride myself on being myself and different. I want people to really listen to my music and be like ‘yeah, his music has a different style.’ I want people to be like ‘I can separate him from other rappers.’” He would rather people listen to his EP instead of his iTunes music to get a better taste of him and his style by seeing the real him. He wants to be picked out and recognized by making “different music, not hood music or gangster music; he’s making his music.” His EP, titled The Gold Print, is a digital album that was released in April 2013 and is emotionally raw, about the pains of growing up. The seven-track EP is available for download at jetismusic.bandcamp.com/album/the-gold-print-ep and below so be sure to check that out!

For current members of the Jet Navy and future-fans, we all want to know what’s next for Jet and he had an answer for me! He plans to keep putting out music to help expand his fan base while falling more in love with all types of music. He plans on learning how to produce beats and make instrumentals. He says he really wants to learn how to put music together piece by piece by himself, which will add even more to his musical résumé, even referring to himself as the Picasso of rap music. Jet has gotten requests for remixes, including one for Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend.” While on the phone with Jet, he was generous enough to give me a Weknowthedj exclusive, “This is top-secret, I haven’t really told anybody yet, I’m doing a remix to Jay Z’s ‘Beach is Better.’ I’m currently writing, I’ve been writing that since last night and I’m still writing my verse for it.”  Definitely keep an eye out for that remix because based on how hyped Jet sounded about the future release, I can tell that it’s going to be a big deal!

As my interview concluded, Jet did something I wasn’t expecting. He thanked me from the bottom of his heart and I couldn’t be more grateful for that. As my first interview ever, I was blessed with a conversation with an incredible artist. As one of my first artist experiences, I realized how humble and down to earth Jet is and honestly, he’s a class act. While talking about the Weknowthedj crew, Jet made it very clear that he wants to keep our newly found relationship forever and I can speak for everyone at Weknowthedj when I say that we’re just as interested in the relationship. Be sure to check out all of Jet’s music and send us a tweet at @weknowthedj to share your thoughts on Jet Wilson and his talent!


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