Selena Gomez’ Stars Dance: Track-by-Track Review

July 26, 2013

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Selena Gomez has spent many late-nights in the studio over the past few months working on her newest musical journey. With the July 23rd release of her album, Stars Dance, the world can see that her hard work has paid off! Stars Dance debuted the day after Selena’s twenty-first birthday and reached number one on iTunes hours after its release. As an artist, Selena used to sing the “feel-good” Disney-type songs but as she enters a new era of her life, her music is changing as well. Selena can legally drink in the United States now and might be spending a lot of time in clubs and at bars, which is the exact vibe given off by Stars Dance. Selena confirmed to Ryan Seacrest that Stars Dance will be her last album for at least a couple of years and honestly, she couldn’t have chosen a better set-list as her album before a break. Or at least that’s what we thought! After a trip to Ryan’s radio studio on the morning after her twenty-first birthday, Selena admitted that she had been in the studio three days last week recording more music, saying “there’s no way I’m going to give it up.” Stars Dance is definitely going to be one of the summer’s most talked about albums and we’ve decided to give our readers a Track-by-Track review of Selena’s newest project.


The first track on an album is always one of the most important tracks; this song is responsible for setting the mood for the entire album and getting listeners excited to hear what’s to come. Selena Gomez released Stars Dance at midnight on July 23rd, just a minute after her 21st had officially ended, so it only makes sense that the opening track is titled Birthday. The track is definitely one that will be played at clubs all over the world, but Selena still plays it safe. The tracks’ most risqué verse includes, “blow your dreams, blow your dreams, blow your dreams away.” Selena gave her fans a special surprise video at 12:01am on her birthday in honor of her milestone and Stars Dance’s opening track; check it out below!

Slow Down

Slow Down isn’t just the second track on the new album; it’s also been named as Selena’s second single off Stars Dance. Slow Down was produced by the Cataracs, most famous for the Far East Movement and Dev productions and has a fun dubstep feel. Selena has released a music video for Slow Down where she is frolicking around Paris while looking absolutely amazing. There’s no doubt that she’s growing up and becoming a beautiful young woman. As Selena enters her next era, the lyrics “Baby, slow down the song, And when it’s coming closer to the end hit rewind, All night long” speak directly to her new freedom. Check out the racy, grown-up Slow Down music video below. Also be sure to check out Weknowthedj’s full review of the music video at

Stars Dance

The album’s title-track and third song on the album has a vibe similar to first-single Come & Get It. Stars Dance has a mid-tempo beat with an obvious inspiration Skrillex, who worked on the soundtrack of Spring Breakers. It’s not all about the dubstep though; Sel’s vocals play a huge role on Stars Dance, along with Rock Mafia’s productions. In this album, Throughout her entire music career, Selena Gomez has been all about reminding people how wonderful they are (remember, Who Says?) and the lyrics, “I thought by now you’d realize I can do anything I put my mind to,” are joining Selena’s effort to inspire her fans. Stars Dance is definitely a standout track on Selena’s fourth album.

Like A Champion

With an upbeat vibe, co-written with Peter Thomas, Selena stepped into a Rihanna-type feel with Like A Champion. Speaking from experience, jamming out to Like A Champion in your car provides an incredible bass and is perfect for anytime you’re trying to get hyped up. Like A Champion has a reggae-vibe similar to the rest of Stars Dance and gives an insight on what Selena’s current lifestyle is like. With lyrics like, “Live it up, cause baby, it’s your time,” Selena proves that she’s definitely “living it up.”

Come & Get It

As the first single off Stars Dance, Come & Get It definitely shocked the world, especially since the track was written for Rihanna. There was backlash surrounding the song from certain groups and of course some people weren’t fans. But with Come & Get It, the fans spoke. Sel received her first No. 1 on the charts with the tribal song. Check out the music video for Come & Get It below!

Forget Forever

Though speculation is possible about every song that any artist puts out, there’s no way around it: Forget Forever was influenced by Selena’s long-time relationship with Justin Bieber. With an upbeat tempo, Selena is upset about the relationship but also does hesitate to put some blame on her ex-boyfriend for the relationship ending, singing, “Our love was made to rule the world, you came and broke the perfect girl.” Although Selena was part of a major Hollywood relationship and breakup, Forget Forever is a song for anyone who has gone through a tough time with a boyfriend or girlfriend.

Save The Day

Save The Day doesn’t stray from the vibe given off by the entire album. Co-written by Livvi Franc, Save The Day is about never letting the night end. Lyrics like “It’s the end of the night, But the beginning of time, for you and I” and “Just tell me it’s not over, And we’ll never reach the end, But when the night starts slipping away, Save the day,” prove that Selena wants to live her life filled with fun nights.


B.E.A.T. joins Birthday as one song that will definitely be played in clubs constantly.  Selena wants the “Be-be-beat in my face” and that’s the entire vibe of the song and if she starts spending her twenty-first year in the clubs and having fun with her friends, the beat will definitely be in her face! Make sure you learn all the words to this one because it’s going to be big!

Write Your Name

Selena joins up with songwriters Dreamlab again for Write Your Name, the duo also worked with Ms. Gomez on her hits Magical and Hit The Lights. Charming is a good word to describe Write Your Name, with lyrics like, “Deeper than skin, crystal clear, Letters don’t fade, titanium made, Forever here, forever saved, Write your name, across my heart.” Sel is looking for that type of love that will take her breath away and leave her wanting more.


In the tenth track of Stars Dance, Selena starts to give an insight on what it would be like to have a romantic relationship with the brunette beauty. The chorus shows just how to have that relationship, “I want you all to myself, and nobody else, yeah, you don’t need no other lover, we can keep it undercover.” After an extremely public relationship, Selena told Ryan Seacrest that one of her biggest lessons was that she’s going to keep the next relationship more private. Undercover is Selena’s hope for her next romantic relationship.

Love Will Remember

Definitely the most talked-about (including a leaked—but fake—voicemail) and most anticipated song on the album, Love Will Remember is being seen as Selena’s response to Justin Bieber’s Nothing Like Us. Like most young adults, Selena went through a breakup and is trying to figure out some answers. While the track isn’t a tell-all of her on-again, off-again relationship with Bieber, it does give fans a song to relate to.

Nobody Does It Like You

Almost every girl wants a bad boy, most likely because she wants to be the one to change him for the better. Since she started in the industry, Selena has insisted that she’s just like every other young person and the lyrics, “You’re my bad boy fairytale, my rebel with a halo, you hit me like a hurricane, and I can never say no” have proven that she has the same wants as every other girl looking for love. The song ends with the verse “I wanna be a bad girl, you bring our my wild side,” and we’ve seen that Selena’s wild side does exist (hello Spring Breakers) but the question now is, how bad is she going to be?

Music Feels Better

As Nobody Does It Like You comes to an end and Music Feels Better begins, it seems like Sel found her rebel with a halo. At some point in your life you’ll feel a love so powerful that every emotion is stronger. Selena found that in Music Feels Better, singing, “And with you the music is better, just want us to be together, 24/7, and now the color’s brighter, cause you set me up on fire.” While picking out the track list, Selena made a great choice by ending Stars Dance with Music Feels Better.

Summer 2013 is a memorable one for Ms. Gomez. She received her first number one single, turned 21, released an incredible album and is now preparing to head out on a world tour. From the middle of August until the end of November Selena will be travelling the world, performing her Stars Dance album and other music for her Selenators. The fifty-eight-city tour begins in Canada then heads overseas before returning to the United States! Planning of the tour was perfect, Selena will end the tour the day before Thanksgiving, when she can return to her family and help baby sister Gracie experience her first Thanksgiving. The entire Weknowthedj team has been jamming out to Stars Dance this week, have you? Will you be seeing Selena on her Stars Dance Tour? What do you think of the new album? Which song’s your favorite? Send us a tweet at @weknowthedj and let us know your answers and thoughts!


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