Selena Gomez: SLOW DOWN Music Video!

July 19, 2013


Selena’s transition into womanhood has been anything but slow. It seems in the blink of an eye, the innocent Disney Channel star catapulted to being one of the sexiest ladies in Hollywood.

She’s been releasing short teaser clips to the music video of her next single, Slow Down, off her début solo album, Stars Dance. However, unofficially the full video was released last night and we couldn’t help ourselves and took a peak!

The video is mature, sexy, spontaneous, fun and everything more! Selena undoubtably took it upon herself to expose her newest soon-to-be 21-year-old self in this three and a half minute clip.

selena slow down

The music video starts with a full night-lit view of Paris, France and a beautiful dolled up Selena sitting in the back of a moving car. If the music doesn’t grab you right away, a tall, dark and gorgeous Selena dancing inside a nightclub will! The next few frames go back and forth from her dancing inside the club to her in an alleyway, hair slicked back walking towards you with the utmost confidence and poise. Throw in the locked eye contact throughout the entire video and you’ll be melted in your seat by the end.

Selena’s been making hits one release after another, and we have a feeling every other track on her album will be the same! Don’t forget to buy the album, Stars Dance when it’s out on iTunes July 23rd.

Enjoy the music video to Slow Down below:

-Sara Soulati


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