Selena Gomez Now Has a Number One Single!

July 2, 2013

"Come and Get It' Hits #1

#1 on July 1st… coincidence? I think not!

Selena Gomez has done it! “Come and Get It”, the first single off Sel’s new album has made its way to number one. Gomez’s fourth coming album, Stars Dance is set to be released on July 23rd with a bunch of exciting new songs that seem to be extremely different from what we’re used to. “Come and Get It” being so different and fun, has definitely deserved a number one spot and it was something that Selena never thought would happen.

Just yesterday Selena was surprised as she began to read something very important off someone in her crew’s iPhone. Immediately she started freaking out and crying as she realized her new single reached #1. The star was in awe of her new accomplishment and had a minor breakdown as she recognized the big news. After she took in the idea of her single hitting number one, she took a quick moment to thank the fans and everyone who believed in her with tears in her eyes.

Being that Miss Gomez has now made four albums, and has never reached a number one spot with any of her songs, makes this something she will never forget.

If you have yet to see the video, be sure to check it out below:

-Alana K.


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