P!nk Releases True Love Music Video Feat. Lily Allen

July 7, 2013

P!nk released the music video for “True Love” earlier this week and, in my opinion, it is one of the most unique music videos released in the last year or so. The 3-time Grammy award winner’s newest single covers one of the most important factors in P!nk’s life: her family. And the music video shows that no matter how many times that they fight, their love will conquer all.
The music video for “True Love” is literally everywhere…but in a good way. It features P!nk’s husband, Carey Hart, and the couple’s daughter, Willow. The family is shown backstage at one of P!nk’s concerts, with P!nk and Carey on a couch and Willow playing on the floor. Then, P!nk is shown strapped into a harness and shot out the underside of the stage to entertain the thousands in attendance of her show.

What is so impressive about this music video is that P!nk’s family is center-stage the entire time. Even when P!nk is shown onstage, Willow is brought out while Carey is shown riding his bike backstage. There is no scene where P!nk’s family is not focused on, except when Lily Allen is shown, very briefly, taking a stab at her verse..literally.

Lily Allen returned to pop music to collaborate with P!nk on this track and is featured in the video violently cutting some carrots..Maybe she was really hungry?

But enough of my blabbering. Check out P!nk’s official music video for “True Love” featuring Lily Allen below!
-Blake M

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