Miley Cyrus & Khia: “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop”

July 7, 2013

Miley Cyrus has been the talk of the town ever since she became a self-proclaimed party animal, and her single “We Can’t Stop” is more than enough proof to back up that statement. Now it’s obvious that Miley is eager to shake off her good girl image and prove once and for all that she’s no longer the innocent Disney star that she used to be. The countless tattoos, her “I don’t care” attitude and her provocative music video are all stepping-stones to abandoning her old image for once and for all, but now she’s taken a leap by encouraging Khia’s participation on her party anthem.

For those of you who are not familiar with Khia, she is a musical artist from Atlanta best known for her uncensored hit “My Neck My Back” released over a decade ago in 2002. Khia published her remix of Miley’s single on July 3rd, just in time to be played at dozens of Independence Day barbecues the following day.

Although it’s not confirmed that Miley was aware of Khia’s involvement on her track, she was more than happy with the outcome. She took it to her twitter to express her satisfaction with the remix sending out a mention to Khia’s official page.

cant stope


What better way to show off her good girl gone bad aura than to feature well known bad girl Khia on a remix version of “We Can’t Stop”. The track plays as per usual with Miley describing her ideal party scene when suddenly she’s joined by Khia’s unmistakable, all too familiar voice assuring the listeners that she’s ready to cause chaos. She poses a friendly threat to Miley stating “I take over the party” and presents explicit lyrics to the table, altering the song into something far form the original while still maintaining the chill party vibe that Miley aspired to create with the tune.

Khia’s involvement revamps Miley’s hit into something enjoyable by a larger audience, as like any collaboration fans of multiple artists come together to enjoy a single creation and are introduced to songs and artists whom they would not usually listen to if their preferred artist had not been involved. Khia’s verse comes to an end with a simple line that portrays the message that Miley has been trying to get across for ages: “Hannah Montana, she’s a big girl now, poppin’ and twerkin’, she the sh*t girl now”.

Miley’s grown up in front of our eyes as Hannah Montana, but it’s just time to accept that she’s evolved into her own person and is capable of making her own decisions. This remix is just the beginning of the new Miley that we’re going to see over the next few years.

-Pargol (@pargolhamidi)

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