Line Up and Tickets announced for Texas music festival

July 15, 2013

If you’re into underground music and comic acts, definitely check out Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin, Texas this November! The entertainment for the festival was recently announced and is featuring some awesome artists from MGMT to Little Boots. The regular three-day passes for the festival are available at, for $179 apiece once those are gone, all that will be available are single day passes so jump on it! Notice how under the line-up option online casino on the website are “Wrestling” “Ride The Plank” and “Nites” options which are coming soon, they should be fun. The festival is also famous for comedy acts and the opportunity for festival goers to skate! In its eighth year, the event has held up a high standard for entertainment and is sponsored by Shiner, Absolut, Red Bull, and Smart. If you’re interested in going to the concert and are from out of state, the website is very helpful and includes links to travel information and hotels. Check out the awesome video below from last year!



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-Brooke Perry

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