Lady Gaga Is Back and Ready For Action With New Album Release

July 21, 2013


Guess whose back? Back again! Gaga’s back, tell a friend! Haha. Yep, you heard me right… Lady Gaga is making a return to pop music with the announcement of her new album entitled ARTPOP, set to be released this coming November!

Since the cancellation of her tour known as the “Born This Way Ball”, Gaga’s little monsters have been in complete denial. From going from one of the most successful artists to falling out of the spotlight, it was very odd for the pop star and her millions of fans. Gaga cancelled her tour to undergo surgery where she had to enter rehabilitation afterwards to get her health back up to where it was before.

If you are familiar with Gaga’s fireball attitude, drive and personality, you know that ARTPOP will be better than anything she’s ever done. As new comers make their way into the spotlight, they have taken over Gaga’s roll as the dominator of pop music, but this won’t be for long. It is also very easy to say that the fashion world is definitely missing her outrageous award show performances and outfits, and we cannot wait for her to start up again!

Although Mother Monster hasn’t been interacting with her little monsters as much as she used to, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t care. Gaga is incredible to her fans, but just like every other human being, we need time and space to get ourselves together. Being a celebrity sure isn’t easy, and when you’re as famous as Miss Gaga, things don’t come easy. As a public figure and role model, Gaga knows she has to show everyone how strong she is and when she does, she’s going to come back harder and better than ever!

From everyone at, Welcome back Gaga… we’ve missed you!

-Alana K.


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