Kanye West’s Black Skinhead Video

July 28, 2013

Kanye West’s official Black Skinhead video is here but has the leaked version scuppered the viral opportunity of a fresh new concept?

Released on July 22nd, Kanye West’s new interactive video for Black Skinhead (or BLKKK SKKKN HEAD)  is – in a word – outstanding. I’ve never experienced an interactive music video before and wasn’t sure what value it would add to this one, nevertheless, it’s fun to fiddle with the speed of the track (you need to use the +/- feature in the top right corner of the screen).  It’s a pretty terrifying video in the first place and this really adds to the feel which is great, it adds another dimension.  When you slow his voice down it compliments the dark imagery. Black Skinhead also features an Instagram button which allows users to post images of the video across the internet, undoubtedly with the hope Twitter and Instagram feeds would be flooded with promotion for the video.

As marketing plans go – this was a fantastic idea.  As the lead single from West’s latest album Yeezus, it was highly anticipated.  However an ‘unfinished’ version of the video leaked two weeks ago and fans have been flocking to YouTube to catch it (much to the understandable annoyance of West as this has quite possibly stolen the thunder of the official video).

Directed by Nick Knight, the video took five months to create and opens with a controversial image of three KKK members – dressed in black.  We then see a computer-animated West running across the screen.  Angry dogs and a punk-inspired drum beat add to the sensory onslaught.  It was clearly targeting the smartphone user with its interactive options but was this added feature enough to make the official video go viral?  So far, not quite, but its early days for this new concept and above all else this is an excellent track with striking imagery.

See the official video at http://www.kanyewest.com/

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