Justin Bieber Vs UK Media: Bieber 1- UK Media 0

July 8, 2013


Let me begin by making you all aware of one thing.  The UK media doesn’t like you.  Yes, that’s right, you heard me.  They really don’t like anyone (unless you happen to have won a sporting trophy of some sort for Great Britain, you, my friend, can forget it).  Case in point, Mr. Andrew Murray.  Anyone outside of the UK could be forgiven for thinking he is the darling of the country, worshiped and encouraged at every stage of his career.  Not so.  In fact, Mr. Murray was always referred to as ‘The Scottish Player’ (until he won a gold medal at last year’s London Olympics and suddenly he became: BRITISH!).  Winning the Wimbledon men’s final yesterday (and being the first British man in 77 years to do so)  Andy cemented his place as a British hero.  He is no longer out in the cold.

With this in mind, you may now cast your mind back to February and March of this year when a Canadian singer arrived on our shores for the UK leg of his hugely popular, sold-out Believe Tour.  No worries there, until that is he reached the London stage of his tour where the UK media were waiting for him with a wicked grin on their faces  “We can’t have this Johnny Foreigner coming here and entertaining people!! LORD no!! He’s making the people smile and dance!! There will be anarchy! And how DARE he go shirtless in OUR British winter! How very dare this hardy Canadian suggest it’s not as cold as we – the British media – have been scare-mongering you into believing it is! He must be stopped! We will bring him him down a peg or two! Clubbing at 18 years of age and having fun? Whilst it’s not illegal, it’s just not cricket is it? I mean, WHO does he think he IS? We will finish him!!”

And that’s just what they tried to do.  Bolstered on by some Lord of The Flies school-boy bully mentality, media outlets looked to create a false profile of the compassionate entertainer.  Spurred on by his late appearance (nowhere near as long as they wanted it to be, but hey, 40 minutes is nothing, let’s stretch that to 2 hours).  A paparazzi aggressively targets Bieber as he tries to get into his car, Bieber stands up for himself and the UK media have a field day.  How quickly we forget the Princess of Wales’s untimely death caused by none other than the aggressive behaviour of paparazzi.  Where is the compassion?

It would seem that nothing short of Justin winning a sporting event or indeed The Eurovision Song Contest on behalf of the UK would stop the hate, but over the past year something much better has become apparent.  On her Good Morning Sunday show on Radio 2 Clare Balding commented: “I like Justin Bieber, he’s a good kid”.  On his Big Show in the afternoon on Radio 2 (the most popular in the UK) Steve Wright commented: (in response to Kid Rocks’ s claim that Justin would soon be on a downward spiral) “I don’t agree” and on his widely popular Radio 1 Breakfast Show on weekday mornings, Nick Grimshaw is frequently to be found supporting the Biebs.  What do all these people have in common?  They have all ACTUALLY met the superstar as oppose to blindly following the villagers with their pitchforks in the game of  ‘Let’s get Bieber’ (and perhaps just as importantly; are all connected with music).  These are the people who matter.  Forget the naysayers who have no dramatic weather forecasts to shock the UK with so they choose to bully a talented musical artist who makes people smile.  It may be slow progress, but the people I respect on the radio are behind Justin.  Shortly after Steve Wright interviewed Justin back in 2012 while he was here promoting Believe, the album shot to number one in the UK.  Notwithstanding the fact that Steve’s show is the most listened to in the UK, people across the country listen to what he has to say.  Forget the people who listen to the haters, they’re listening to some obscure radio station and preparing themselves for “The coldest winter on record!!!!!”

Justin, it’s not as bad as it seems and we love you and can’t wait to have you (and anyone who would like to come and pay us a visit and help boost our economy via the tourism industry since we’re still in a recession) on our little island once again.


Lucy. J.



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