Justin Bieber Plays HEARTBREAKER To Lucky Fans

July 23, 2013

Justin outside his tour bus today

Just over one hour ago, a few lucky Beliebers waiting for a glimpse of their idol outside his tour bus were given the once in a lifetime opportunity to listen to his new music INCLUDING HEARTBREAKER!!!   Fans were gathered there in the hope of meeting their idol and taking a picture but instead, an exhausted – but still smiling – Justin told them to switch off their phones while he played new music and sang along to them!  One of the songs being Heartbreaker (which according to some fans doesn’t sound at all like the music from The Key commercial).

One of the Beliebers ( @youtubeskid ) outside the bus said: “@justinbieber HEARTBREAKER WAS AMAZING IT WAS SO GOOD THANK YOU FOR PLAYING IT FOR US”

The build up to the release of Justin’s new music has every Belieber hyped in anticipation so these are some lucky fans!  As no cameras were allowed the rest of us will have to wait a while longer to hear it but judging by the reactions of these people it will be worth the wait! – But we already knew that.  The good news is that if he is ready to let a few Beliebers hear it, it might be safe to hope it’s coming  VERY SOON!!!!

Lucy. J.


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