Justin Bieber Influences Beliebers to Give Back

July 30, 2013


Justin Bieber is a nineteen year old that has the power of social media and completely uses it to his advantage. With over 42 million and growing Twitter followers and over 55 million Facebook fans, Justin has an influence that no one else can compare to. Girls all over the world scream at the mention of his name and sometimes cry over a picture of the young Canadian. Over the past few months, Justin has become the main focus of every media outlet and while most of the stories aren’t positive, we’re only focusing on the positives, such as giving back. As Justin ends his last year as a teenager, he’s making a difference in the lives of people all around the globe. Justin Bieber is a humanitarian who is always finding various ways to give back to those less fortunate and those who have helped him reach such an incredible height of fame. I’m convinced there’s a book owned by every Belieber titled “How to Give Back” written by Justin Bieber.


Justin doesn’t agree to any deal without a charitable aspect included and his fans have taken a page out his book because they’re always helping anyone in need. A dollar from each ticket sold for the My World Tour and Believe Tour is donated to Pencils of Promise, a charity extremely close to Bieb’s heart. If you’re sitting in the audience at one of Justin’s show, take a second to look around and look at everyone else in the crowd—every single one of those fans is helping build schools for children in countries that normally could not afford to build schools. Those same fans are the ones that donate to other causes that mean a lot to people all over the globe. Beliebers have teamed up to help find a cure for AT/RT, a horrible disease that took one of their own, Mrs. Bieber, Avalanna Routh. Fundraising to find a cure isn’t the only opportunity that Beliebers take advantage of to help those in need. Whenever Justin releases a new album, Beliebers all over the world organize “Buyouts” where an entire group will meet up, go to various stores and buy every copy of the new album. A lot of times, those running the Buyout will ask other fans to bring either a toy or canned food to the event to donate to food pantries or children’s hospitals. With new music on the way, Buyouts are about to return… soon.

Beliebers don’t just use their good to help charities; they also help each other at every chance they’re given. As a normal teenage girl with a Twitter account, I have seen Bieber-related trends daily and fans voting for each other to win contests and tickets. Through websites that offer Meet and Greets and Believe Tour tickets online, Beliebers are helping their friends win the chance to meet their idol. Justin is responsible for so many friendships all over the world that people will do anything to see their friends meet the 19-year old.  As part of an effort to give back lately, a few members of the Weknowthedj team have taken it upon themselves to help anyone that we can. Through gifting songs from iTunes, giving away tickets to the Believe Tour and sometimes giving away an extra Meet & Greet, we like to give back as much as possible. From one Belieber to another, thank you for all you do to give back and let others experience such amazing events. And Justin, from everyone at Weknowthedj and all of your Beliebers, thank you for inspiring us to give back.


Meg C. (@lilmegwktdj) (@megchamp07)

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