Justin and his Beliebers: A Perfect Match

July 8, 2013

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If you ask any artist or celebrity about their fans, they’re going to reply with “they’re the best in the world,” or something along those lines but honestly, not every fan-base can be the best. But when nineteen-year-old superstar Justin Bieber refers to his Beliebers as “the best,” he’s simply telling the truth.

The relationship between the teenage Superstar and his millions of fans cannot be compared to any other public figure. There’s no doubt in my mind that Justin is the wonderful, young man that he is today because of his fans. They’ve been there for him since the very beginning and if I needed to describe the constantly growing fan-base in two words, I’d choose dedicated and loyal. Justin is “theirs,” and they go to extreme measures to make the world believe in the growing teenager.

Everyone knows the story of how a young thirteen-year-old kid from Stratford, Ontario became Justin Bieber, international superstar. But what the world sometimes doesn’t realize is that international superstar Justin Bieber is still that same kid from Stratford, Ontario. Sure, he grew over a foot, changed his hairstyle, and developed a deeper voice and added a few tattoos, but he’s still the same fun-loving, flirty, goofy kid. If anyone understands this, it’s his loving Beliebers.

They’re the ones that have spent endless hours voting for hundreds of awards, awards that Justin usually wins; they’re the ones that make videos supporting him; they’re the ones that buy new music and merchandise; they’re the ones that are here to stay.

Justin has been blessed with a group of fans that love him beyond words and would do anything to defend him. There’s no point in denying that Justin lives a judged life. The kid is criticized for every single move he makes and every breath he takes. But he has millions of people supporting him every step of the way and he makes it very clear how grateful he is for those that have stuck by his side. Just last night, Justin personally gave a few ticket-less fans who were standing outside the arena in Iowa, access to his show and his food!

Beliebers are some of the feistiest and most defensive girls in the world but it’s all because they’re protective over “their Justin.” To them, the backlash and negativity from the media doesn’t matter because they know Justin’s heart and they know what’s important. They know what matters most, including the hospital visits to sick kids, building schools with Pencils of Promise, and simply making millions of fans smile every day.

Justin has always made an effort to include a charity aspect in every deal he signs. By doing that, he’s inspiring his Beliebers to do the same. One Belieber that will forever hold a spot in Justin’s heart is Avalanna Routh, the beautiful little girl who unfortunately lost her battle to Atypical Teratoid Rhabdoid Tumors (AT/RT) last October. Beliebers have taken it upon themselves to cherish Avalanna’s memory and carry on her legacy forever.

Recently, through a fundraiser, Beliebers donated thousands of dollars to help fight AT/RT. The Belieber fan-base is more than just a normal fan-base; they’re a family. Although every one of them wishes they could meet Justin or see him in concert, they’re not only focused on themselves. Since the Believe Tour has resumed, there have been almost-daily worldwide trends on Twitter that are along the lines of #_____MeetJustin. To see Beliebers helping other Beliebers sends an extremely positive message.

Beliebers don’t just help each other though; a majority of them have created priceless friendships because of Justin Bieber. While there are millions of stories of these friendships, I’ll share a personal one. The Weknowthedj team has been brought together because of one nineteen-year-old Canadian. We consist of an editor-in-chief who has a big southern accent and an even bigger heart, an assistant editor from New Jersey who is always awkward but can make any bad day a good day, three Canadians who add unnecessary letters to words, the sassiest and most southern guy you’ll ever meet, two girls from Florida who are incredible writers, an almost-Cali girl obsessed with Disneyland, a sweet and hilarious girl living in Vegas,  a British girl obsessed with F1 racing and me, the sassy and random New Yorker. (And that’s not even all of us!)  We’re all so different but we’ve become best friends that tell each other everything, plan weekend trips to make memories that will last a lifetime and comfort each other in difficult times. My life changed because of my Weknowthedj family and honestly, I have to thank Justin Bieber for the friendships that I’ve created with this incredible group. The Weknowthedj crew is only one example though and only one set of my “Bieber friends.” Beliebers are more than just teenage girls supporting the same boy; Beliebers are fans that support each other. No matter how the media may portray “Bieber fans,” they’re nothing short of amazing!

I don’t see the media scrutiny ending anytime soon but I also don’t see the Beliebers leaving anytime soon. While Justin is allegedly “with” every single girl that he’s ever been photographed next to, the one relationship that Justin will always have and the one relationship that will always be perfect is his relationship with his Beliebers. Justin, on behalf of the Weknowthedj team and Beliebers all over the world, thank you. Thank you for bringing together millions of friendships, thank you for the Instagram selfies that everyone fangirls over, thank you for being you.


Meg C. (@lilmegwktdj)

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