Is Justin Bieber The Sexiest Man Alive?

July 17, 2013

Hello everyone. My name name is Lucy and I’m a Belieber. I’ve been a solid Belieber now for 3 years and I don’t think I can stop.

I meet people on a daily basis who fall into 3 camps; the people who don’t get it, the people who go all wide-eyed and smile and wave their hands and say “ME TOO!! OMG I LOVE HIM!!!!”, and the indifferent.  The first group tell me to get over it, the second encourage me and the third tell me to take each day as it comes.

I have to point out that when I first came across Mr. Bieber I sincerely thought he was a little sweetheart with a gorgeous voice and that’s it.  No other attraction than that (but I’m older than your average Belieber so it clearly wouldn’t have been appropriate anyway, he had the cuteness factor though).  Passionate about his craft and bounding with enough enthusiasm to make the whole world smile, I thought to myself, yes – he’s alright he is, I shall jump on this bandwagon and become a Belieber. How hard can it be?  Turns out it’s easy. He’s wonderful and his music is incredible.

Truth is, I’ve only ever been about the music, however, I’m not blind ladies and gentlemen, I know an attractive chap when I see one and lately I’ve noticed just how attractive he really is. You clearly do not need to take my word for it because women are paying upwards of £300 just to get a ticket close enough to the stage on a Believe Tour concert night to throw their bra at him.  I was in fact, close enough at my concert to throw mine, but decided not to in the end.  It cost a lot and I couldn’t imagine that he would have any use for it and therefore concluded it would be a waste of time and money.  I opted instead to stand there grinning like an idiot when he looked in my general direction.  Up  close, he is gorgeous.  From a distance, he is gorgeous.  He can’t lose.

Clearly the fella has something other than just a beautiful voice and insane musical ability. Some say it’s the eyes, others opt for the muscles, the hair, or the swagger. For me in all honesty it’s the voice, the charisma and the sense of humour, but whatever it is about him that (to use a very old-fashioned phrase) makes people swoon with a loud thump to the floor (often in a pool of tears of happiness and an exclamation of STOP!) is highly contagious and spreading like wildfire.  It’s unstoppable.  I cannot think of a man young or old (sorry George Clooney but not even you can win this) alive today that has this effect on such a large number of people.  He is therefore the Sexiest Man Alive and should be recognised as such.

When Justin – our leader – next sends out the call to ‘Make It About The Music’ I shall simply point out to him that it’s the damn music that’s making me sweat!!!

What’s you Bieber weakness?  don’t hide it, we’re all friends here.

Lucy. J.


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