Experience of a Lifetime: Justin Bieber’s Believe Tour

July 31, 2013

 “Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome. Now you are entering another world, a world where there are no limits, no rules only endless possibilities. Can you hear it? The vibration of the beat, the rhythm of your heart and the electricity running through your veins. Allow your imagination to skyrocket, your dreams to be remixed. Let go of everything but what exists. Be strong, be brave, but more importantly… Believe.”

jb believe tour

10, 9, 8, 7, 6… Have you attended the Believe Tour yet? From the moment the 10-minute countdown booms onto the big screen of the concert venue, the screaming will not end. Right when you think the screams are dying, they’ll pick back up as the countdown descends another minute. One minute closer to seeing him, Justin Bieber.

As you stand a midst all the roaring fans you’ll feel your body vibrating. Both from the screams and the energy exuding from the beliebers. Take a minute to look around and focus on a few faces, there’s no denying the feeling that will overcome you. You’ll ask yourself, is this all about one guy? You might not understand it but 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, you’re about to.

believe tour fans

At first glance you’ll be wondering, “is he an angel?” No seriously, he enters the concert on a set of wings built of all the instruments that the young pop star can play… Talk about riding on your talents, literally! (You’re already impressed) At this point the concert venue will be shaking from excitement but you haven’t heard it all until Bieber plants his feet on stage and chants “let’s go!” to kick off the first song, All Around The World.

 Justin Bieber Concert Believe Tour

Take a remarkable voice, incredible choreography (credit: Nick Demoura) and undeniable charisma on stage and you have yourself the performance of a lifetime. Not a single face in the venue is absent of a smile while Justin Bieber is on that stage and it wouldn’t take a genius to figure out why… He loves it.

If we could send every gossip blogger or radio station host to the Believe Tour, we would. Simply because while you watch Bieber on stage, his genuine smile makes you forget about anything negative that has ever been said about him and perhaps even you! After all, performing is his job and he is delivering exceptionally well.

 believe tour shot

The Believe Tour compares to no other tour in many categories. Putting aside the main act, Bieber and his untainted talent… it’s the mechanics. You may not be able to peel your eyes off the Biebs, but behind him stands over 50 people, visible or not, who run the show.

The first thing you can’t miss during the concert is the lighting. They’re detailed, extravagant and a gorgeous sight for the eyes.  Flashing all over the venue, these are some of the best lighting work you will see in any concert.

 believe tour lights

Next, we have the special effects. They’re unexpected and shocking in the best of ways. We’re introduced to the first of few after a couple of songs of the concert when Bieber dives through the stage into a body of water full of sharks & beautiful girls (pre-recorded footage of course). As he swims across the stage from screen to screen, it’s as if he hasn’t left at all. In any other concert, these are the few dull moments the artist is going through outfit changes.

Finally, it’s the crew directly behind Bieber for the duration of the concert. This includes, his three harmonious backup singers, his drummer, his bassist, his guitarist, his beloved and very well-known Dj, Tay James (getting everyone hyped up) and of course, the Believe Tour Dancers.

If you are a long time belieber, you will most likely know the names on every person on stage during the believe tour. Some have been with the young Canadian since the very first day, and some have joined later on but all in all, they share an even bond with his fans that will enhance your Believe Tour experience.

Weather it’s the dancers running down the runway and interacting with those very lucky front row fans, Dan Kanter periodically throwing his guitar picks at the crowd or even Dj Tay James chanting, “when I say Justin, y’all say Bieber…” it’s all about YOU!

The interaction with the fans continues throughout the show because this isn’t just any concert where you attend only to watch your favorite artist perform music. He makes it clear, it’s all for you.

Once things slow down, Bieber takes it back to the roots as he pulls out his guitar and he tells us, “If you’re ever going through a hard time in your life, just remember, everything’s going to be alright.” With that the crane on the stage lifts off to let him serenade fans all over the arena and to tell them, everything truly is going to be alright.

You may think the concert comes to a close with the song titled “Believe” which is also the name of his album, tour and the main message Bieber is sending out to his fans. Seconds before beginning the song he tells the crowd, “This isn’t just another song about love, or a girl. This song is just for you.”


At last, we’re treated to two final songs as the encores, “Boyfriend” and “Baby” to which he spends the entirety of the performances focusing more on interactions with the audience rather than the dancing.

He’s an artist, a musician, and above all, an entertainer. These aren’t opinions that we have concocted, they are hard facts and the proof lies on the stage, where he stands. After all, isn’t performing his job? So what’s the sense in judging him on anything other than that?

If you haven’t yet attended the Believe Tour, below are the remaining dates that are scheduled so far. If you doubt him, go see the concert. If you can’t see the concert, we’ll assume you have no further comment.

– Sara Soulati

@SaraWKTDJ @SaraSoulati


  • July 31 – Newark, NJ – Prudential Center
  • Aug. 02 – Brooklyn, NY – Barclay’s Center
  • Aug. 03 – Washington, DC – Verizon Center
  • Aug. 05 – Columbia, SC – Colonial Life Arena
  • Aug. 07 – Jacksonville, FL – Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Coliseum
  • Aug. 08 – Tampa, FL Tampa Bay Times Forum
  • Aug. 10 – Atlanta, GA – Philips Arena
  • Sep. 26 – Bangkok – Challenger Hall
  • Oct. 07 – Saitama City – Saitama Super Arena
  • Oct. 10 – Seoul – Gymnastic Gymnasium
  • Oct. 12 – Macao – Venetian
  • Oct. 19 – San Juan, Puerto Rico – Coliseo de Puerto Rico
  • Oct. 22 – Dominican Republic – Estadio Olimpico
  • Oct. 24 – Panama – Estadio Nacional
  • Oct. 26 – Guatemala – Estadio Progresso
  • Oct. 29 – Colombia – Estadio El Campin
  • Oct. 31 – Quito, Ecuador – Atahualpa Stadium
  • Nov. 02 – Sao Paulo, Brazil – Anhembi Stadium
  • Nov. 03 – Rio, Brazil – Apoteose
  • Nov. 06 – Asuncion, Paraguay – Jockey Club
  • Nov. 08 – Cordoba, Argentina – Mario Kempes Stadium
  • Nov. 09 – Buenos Aires, Argentina – River Plate Stadium
  • Nov. 12 – Santiago, Chile – Nacional Stadium
  • Nov. 18 – Mexico City, MX – Foro Sol
  • Nov. 19 – Mexico City, MX – Foro Sol
  • Nov. 23 – Auckland, AUS – Vector Arena
  • Nov. 24 – Auckland, AUS – Vector Arena
  • Nov. 27 – Brisbane, Australia – Brisbane Entertainment Centre
  • Nov. 29 – Sydney, Australia – Allphones Arena
  • Nov. 30 – Sydney, Australia – Allphones Arena
  • Dec. 02 – Melbourne, Australia – Rod Laver Arena
  • Dec. 03 – Melbourne, Australia – Rod Laver Arena
  • Dec. 05 – Adelaide, Australia – Adelaide Entertainment Centre
  • Dec. 08 – Perth, Australia – Perth Arena


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