Demi Lovato’s “Made In The USA”

July 8, 2013


What a better way to have spent the holidays this past week barbecuing, blasting off fireworks, hanging with friends and family, and listening to Demi Lovato’s “Made In The USA.”

The lyric video was released on June 26th, 2013, and although it is only the lyric video, it foreshadows the concept for the actual music video. The lyrics appear on different carnival-themed backgrounds and scenes like Ferris wheels and carnival tents.

If the lyric video wasn’t enough confirmation, just two days later the behind the scenes video was released. Demi confirmed that her goal for the video was to take viewers through a story about a young couple that meet each other at a carnival and fall head over heels in love. Demi in fact is co-directing the actual music video, explaining, “What happened was I came up for the treatment for the video; I saw the shots that I wanted to do, I told my manager, and I kind of walked him through it step-by-step, and he said ‘Why don’t you just direct it?’” Hurrah to you Demi for taking the lead in this video!

Songwriter Jason Evigan recalled to MTV News how it was creating the patriotic song with Demi. “These American romantic love stories [inspired it] and I feel like they’re unbreakable through the years, through time, since the 30s and 40s and 50s, they still hold up. Real love, if it’s made in the USA, it’s never gonna break,” he explained.

Now you basically have the whole scoop on the song and the music video. What do you expect from it? Although it has not been released yet, make sure you stay tuned!

-Aisha R.


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