Cody Simpson’s Surfers Paradise: Review!

July 18, 2013

surfers paradise

Seems like only yesterday the lyrics of “iyiyiy” were blasting through our speakers. He is now all grown up at 16-years-old (although you would guess much older with those broad shoulders of his…) and he has released his best music to date! This young man is none other than our favorite Aussie, Cody Simpson.

For the last month Cody has kept his Angels & Gentlemen on their toes as he counted down day by day until the release of Surfers Paradise, his newest album. Now that it’s finally released, we can’t get enough of it! We enjoyed each track so much that we’re going to give you an exclusive WeKnowTheDj track-by-track review.

1. La Da Dee:

We’re whisked away to the beaches right away with the first track off the album. The cool and effortless beat of this track puts a big smile on your face as Cody belts out “La da dee / La la da doo / la la da me / la la da you / la da dee / la la da doo / There’s only me / There’s only you.” Definitely a favorite off the album, give this one a listen!

2. Pretty Brown Eyes:

All the Cody fans with big brown eyes, this one is for you! Also one of our favorites off the album; Pretty Brown Eyes has been getting volumes of radio play the past few weeks as his first single off Surfers Paradise.  This track is playfu while Cody uses lyrics like “ya ain’t never met a surfer like me” to woo his love interest. If you haven’t already seen it, there’s also a music video for the track! Check it out below:

3. No Ceiling:

We catch the beachy vibe off this third track. If you close your eyes, you could easily mistake your room for the sandy beaches of Barbados. Similar to most of his other tracks, Cody is confessing his love to a lucky lady telling her there’s no ceiling to their love! “When I’m away, no I can’t concentrate, thinking ‘bout you nonstop”, who wouldn’t want to hear those words from Cody?

4. Sinkin’ In:

Cody confides in us about his lovesickness! He’s fallen’ for a girl and he’s “Sinkin’ In”. Otherwise, this track is definitely the most mature lyrical work we’ve gotten from Cody. The insightful words combined with the mellow tunes in the back make for this sweet listen. He’s really all grown up!

5. Summertime of our lives:

For those that can stretch their memories far back, if your age will permit, the whistling at the start of this track might take you to a Guns N Roses hit, “Patience”. Only for a slight second though because much like every other song on this album, this is a completely unique sound. If you’re looking for a summer anthem to cruise to with your friends, this is it! Cody effortlessly slips in a love song into this track as well, reassuring us that he’s a firm believer in the long-distance relationship. “Wherever you are, no matter how far, I swear I won’t give up on you / They say out of sight means out of mind but they couldn’t be further from the truth.” Is there anything better a guy could say? We don’t think so!

6. Imma be cool (feat. Asher Roth):

Cody collaborates with one of Scooter Braun’s first artists on this track, Asher Roth. Exactly as the title reads, this track is COOL. As you listen, you’ll sit back and bop your head to the beat. But what’s cooler, is the message in the track itself! Cody and Asher are telling us to keep it cool, don’t stress and live freely. Asher comes in for his rap verse and shares some insight with us as he raps “I understand things won’t always go my way, instead of trying to force it I’m just tryin’ to ride the wave.” We couldn’t have said it better!

7. If You Left Him For Me:

Take one listen to this track, and you’ll leave whomever you’re with for Cody! He drives a hard bargain as he sings “I would love you longer, I would kiss you softer, I could give you everything you need” Not convinced? Well he goes on to tell you, “I would hold you tighter, make you smile wider, if you just left him for me” The tune is incredibly catchy so while you’re swooning over this hunky Aussie, dance it away as the beat drops.

8. Love (feat. Ziggy Marley)

This might be the best collaboration on the album as Bob Marley’s oldest son, Ziggy comes in on the track. Giving the song a smooth reggae touch. Not many words can do this track justice, so this is a definite track to listen to if you’re into the sound!

What I have come to respect about Cody Simpson is the originality in his music. You’ve never heard anything like it, guaranteed. He’s a star and he’s continuously rising while paving his own way through this industry. He is making a prominent mark in music for our generation, one that will never be forgotten. It’s hard to believe he’s only 16 and still has growing to do!

This is Cody’s best musical offering to-date… but there’s no doubt he has more in store for us. Make sure to buy Surfers Paradise on iTunes and listen to all these tracks!

-Sara Soulati


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