Beliebers Love To See Justin Smile

July 23, 2013
Partying with @DJTayJames at a club in Boston


After the recent press witch-hunt and personal relationship ups and downs Justin has had to struggle with, it would be fair to presume the Canadian superstar would want to hide away. But there is nowhere to hide when you’re as famous as Justin, everyone knows your name. Undoubtedly it must be difficult to be in that situation – only he knows how it feels – but equally, it should be acknowledged that the desire for millions of people around the world to see him perform live is the more positive reason for him not to hide.

After every meet and greet, concert or sighting, fans are desperate to know if he’s happy or smiling. The epitome of professionalism, Justin is able to smile through most things but Beliebers know the real smile so are always looking for the genuine article. When we see a truly happy Justin, we rejoice! It spreads like wildfire across social networks and lifts the spirits of millions. Quite some responsibility some might say, but Beliebers aren’t reliant on Justin being happy for their own happiness, rather it’s simply what we desire. We understand that it has been tough for him lately, but most of us have been here since the beginning and know what a good heart he has, what a kind spirit and the hate articles hurt us too.

We know that making music and being with friends and family are what’s important to him, and it’s lovely that he shares so much of his time with us and ultimately we all crave the new music.  The wait for #Heartbreaker is driving us insane, we’re impatient (thanks largely to the fact Justin makes brilliant music) and the snippet we heard in The Key commercial just adds fuel to that.  But we also vote for him at every award show because we want to see him up there, rewarded for his hard work.  And of course, we defend him and promote him at every possible turn, because we care.

Justin on his Tour Bus in Toronto

Justin has been back home in Stratford Ontario with friends Ryan Butler, Lil Za and Bei Maejor for a few days and has been able to enjoy some free time just chilling and having fun and naturally, Beliebers are loving this:

@grxndebieber tweeted: “justin has been so happy lately and you can see it in his ig videos and tweets, he is so cute and I love it when he is like this”

@jbieberprecious tweeted: “justin seems so happy to be home and to be with his friends in his home town im honestly so happy he’s happy this is what i stan for”

To see all these instagram posts lately of Justin having fun with friends and family whilst thoroughly enjoying the 2nd leg of his US Believe Tour made me smile (as it will Beliebers across the world) because the greatest thing to a Belieber (second only to the music) is to see Justin smile.

Lucy. J.


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