Artist Spotlight: Marianas Trench

July 19, 2013

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Born and raised in rainy Vancouver, Marianas Trench is just about ready for world domination. Years ago, four boys joined forces to create a band whose harmonies could put anyone at ease, and whose lyrics could keep even the Riddler intrigued. Their talents are great, and their place in the spotlight is continuously growing over time. It didn’t take long before Marianas Trench took over Canada, but now they’ve got their sights set on a larger platform, touring the United States and Australia as well as playing shows at events such as the Bazooka Rocks Festival in the Philippines and the half time at the 100th Grey Cup in Canada.

Their rise to fame was inevitable, but it was far from easy. As a child, Josh Ramsay, the band’s lead vocalist and songwriter was surrounded by music. His mother was a vocal coach for many successful artists such as Brian Johnson from AC/DC while his father owned a recording studio that was a second home to Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Bryan Adams and many more.

During his adolescence, Ramsay took a few wrong turns and found himself in a world of self-loathing. Self-destruction became his new way of life as he explored the darkness behind eating disorders and substance abuse. At only 17, Ramsay had been given an ultimatum from his parents: sober up, or get out. He entered a treatment center to kick his heroin addiction, but in reality he had absolutely no intention to do so. He was merely there to shake off his parents. After clearing his head for a few weeks and battling withdrawal symptoms, Ramsay realized that he could not pursue his passion as well as maintain his drug habit and chose to get clean.

During his time in treatment, he was told to write a letter to his drug of choice, which he later turned into the song “Lover Dearest”. (Check out the link below!)

Although Ramsay gained writing material from his prior experiences with drugs, depression and eating disorders, he does not promote nor encourage anybody to seek drugs or alcohol to enhance their creativity. He extracted every lesson brought on during his hardships, and wrote endlessly, unsure as to where his career was going. It wasn’t until he got back in touch with an old choir buddy from high school (Matt Webb), found a drummer (Ian Casselman) through a newspaper ad and the missing piece of the puzzle (Mike Ayley) a bassist, that Marianas Trench was born. It took years and years of hard work until they gained the slightest recognition from a local label by the name of 604 Records, but their persistence paid off as they landed a record deal. They released their first full-length album “Fix Me” on October 3rd 2006, but it wasn’t until their video for “Shaketramp” landed the #1 spot on Much Music’s video countdown that they gained major attention.

Over the years, Marianas Trench have released a second and a third full length album, both of which have reached Platinum level in Canada. On top of their successful record sales, Marianas Trench have also been showered in awards and nominations, earning the highest number of nominations at the Much Music Video Awards two years in a row. They’ve been nominated for various Juno awards in the past, and this year rightfully stood their ground as the Juno’s group of the year. They have toured alongside Simple plan, All Time low, Down With Webster and Carly Rae Jepsen in the past, and they’re just about ready to settle down with touring and focus primarily on the production of their forthcoming album.

If you want to know more about Marianas Trench, and stay tuned to their future endeavors be sure to check them out on twitter @JoshRamsay, @MattWebbMt, and @Mtrench, as well as Facebook

– Pargol @PargolHamidi

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